Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Sunday Snippet #2

Well what do ya know, it's Sunday again. Feels like only yesterday I was writing my first 'Sunday Snippet'- it's like I blinked and suddenly a whole week flew by! Other than work, I've had quite a relaxed week and put a lot of time into planning new and exciting posts. My blog has never been fashion focused, it's certainly beauty based, with the odd lifestyle post here and there but I'm not one to write about my OOTD or current wishlists. However, as my blog is beginning to evolve, I thought why the hell not? I've always loved 90's fashion and what was the main fashion point of the 90's? DENIM, lot's and lot's of cringe worthy denim (I think we've all seen the infamous Britney & JT pic) So, I saw this cute dress in TOPSHOP but they never seemed to have my size in stock. Then, out of the blue, I saw a girl trying my size on in the fitting room... I overheard her saying she wan't gonna buy it and thus it landed in my thankful hands. I love the way TOPSHOP have kept the 90's style, whilst making it current by simplifying the design and keeping it short. Pair up it with your snazziest trainers and baggy T or dress it up with a a heeled sandal and Summer 16, we're ready for you.

I've also been loving the Barry M 'Coconut Infusion' range recently. It's blended with coconut water/ oil to hydrate and care for your nails whilst delivering a gel-like finish. I've found, once applied, they're super shiny, long lasting and with nine tempting colours to choose from you're sure to find your perfect summer shade. What's more? They will all compliment your tan beautifully! My personal favorites are Flamingo, Sunkissed, Aloha and Starfish. I personally find the two nude shades perfect as they're not too pink, not too brown and not too pale. Flamingo is a fun peachy orange, foolproof for the beach! However, my number one has to be Aloha, a bright raspberry pink.

Today was spent how Sundays should be. I headed off to the beach with my loved ones and with the sun beaming down on us, we collected interesting shells and had a good old natter. There's something pretty amazing about the sea. Although it's a force to be reckoned with, I've always found it calming and feel kinda free just watching it. As we sat by the shore, with the wind in my hair, my mum offered a wondrous piece of advice. 'Feel the wind and imagine it's blowing through you. Through your hair and your face and your brain. Imagine it's blowing all your worries, problems and negative energy behind you'... Lovely.  


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