Wednesday, 13 July 2016

10 Beauty Tips

1. The Perfect Smokey Eye
It seems we're all taught to apply our eye liner after our eye shadow. In some cases, this is correct but if your goal is to create a smokey eye then it's a whole different ball game. Begin by applying your base shadows. Next, apply your eye liner and then apply your crease and outer corner shades. This will create a perfectly blended smokey eye with no harsh lines.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips
Okay so this isn't news but it's no good splashing out on a pricey lipstick if you're not going to get the most out of it. Always exfoliate your lips regularly to soften them and remove dead skins cells. I use coconut oil and a baby's tooth brush or flannel; you don't want to use anything too harsh (or rub too hard) and using something hydrating like coconut oil will nourish your lips whilst exfoliating. Having soft hydrated lips will ensure a smoother lipstick application and make it last longer.

3. Always Apply Your Concealer After Your Foundation
Seriously. Although you can buy high coverage foundation that doesn't mean you should apply a thick layer. Foundation isn't supposed to cover everything hence the name 'foundation'; it's simply a base to work with. Once you've applied your foundation you will clearly be able to see where concealer is needed.

4. Save Your Shattered Palette
We've all had to go through the devastating loss of broken blusher or eye shadow but there is a way you can salvage your product. Put some rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle (you can buy both at drugstores/ chemists) and spray generously on your broken product. Then, take a coin wrapped in a tissue and use it to press the powder back together. Leave to dry over night et voila! Good as new.

5. Apply Your Powder After Your Bronzer/ Blush
After you've finished applying your base it's common to reach for the powder next. Don't. Apply your bronzer and blusher as normal and then, using a big fluffy brush, lightly dust your setting powder over the top. This will blend everything together harmoniously and ensure your make-up stays in place. 

6. Find Out Your Face Shape
We're now living in an age where highlighting and contouring, as part of your daily routine, has become the norm (even if it's only slight) We're lucky to have access to the hottest tutorials and techniques with just a click of a button but it's important to remember that the person doing the tutorial knows their face shape and what they are showing you works for that face shape. So, finding out yours will enable you to seek the best advice and techniques and the likes of Pinterest make it easy to establish your face shape and where to apply your make-up.

7. Don't Always Reach For Black Eye Liner
Like most women, I love black eye liner. In fact, I mostly wear black eye liner. However, even if you're heading to the club, you don't need to apply black eye liner to your upper and lower lash line. If you're wearing heavy eye liner on your upper lash line and also apply it to your water/ lower lash line, this can actually make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Instead, opt for a dark eye shadow, it makes a huge difference.

8. Cover a Blemish Correctly
As a teenager, I made the mistake of thinking light reflecting concealers would some how distract attention from my blemish. I then began to realise it most certainly has the opposite effect and if ever a flash photo was taken it stood out like a sore thumb! Instead, use a matte colour-correcting concealer (green based to counteract redness) and using a cotton bud, gently pat the product directly onto the blemish. Using a cotton bud will also assist with the healing process as it will prevent any bacteria spreading.

9. Highlight The Center Of Your Eyelids
No matter what kind of eye make up I'm planning to do I always complete the look by highlighting. I think we're all familiar with highlighting the inner corner and brow bone but using a highlighting powder, gently apply in the center of each eye lid. This will not only make your eyes appear more awake but also instantly bigger and brighter.

10. Wash Your Brushes With Baby Shampoo
I think we're all guilty of putting off washing our make-up brushes but it's vital to prevent bacteria building up and invading all your cosmetics. Make-Up brush cleanser can be pricey and some can be too harsh for certain bristles, causing them to lose softness, fray and even start falling out. I'll use a proper brush cleaner ever now and again but the majority of the time I use Johnsons Baby Shampoo, it's super gentle and mild so won't cause your brushes any harm. What's more, as it contains oil, it easily lifts away any product build up.


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