Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Underrated Make-up Brand- H&M

When we're shopping for make-up and new products to try, it's easy to gravitate towards the glitzy make-up counters in department stores. The perfectly pristine counter girls, with their on point make-up, photo ready lighting and not a hair out of place are calling your name and before you know it you've spent £40 on one lipstick and an eye liner. Although it's a nice feeling to walk away with posh make-up, in a little shiny bag, with CHANEL plastered across it, the feeling is only temporary and believe it or not you don't have to break the bank to have high quality products. 

Although, I love my Benefit Highbrow, MAC lipsticks or Dior mascara and desperately long to get my hands on some Charlotte Tilbury... on the whole I genuinely prefer the high street brands and most of them are associated (and develop) with the high-end brands anyway so it's basically all the same shit. Now, admittedly, it's rare I find a clothing store brand that I love. I'll find the odd gem in the Topshop range but on the whole, it's a no go. That being said, one brand that I absolutely love is H&M. I remember when I was about thirteen and was given an H&M eye shadow palette for my birthday. I think back then it was aimed more at the younger generation... you know, the days when we used to experiment with pastel blue eye shadow? However, today it is a completely different ball game and most certainly not child's play.

My most favored products from the range are definitely blushers and eye shadows; each are about £5. Their packaging is very clean and chic which I love as, it's not only pretty to look at but also easy to store and find. Their wide range of eye shadows range from light mattes to striking metallics, each high pigmented and long lasting. The shades you see here (Chin Chin & A Pretty Penny) have seen me through everyday wear to nights out on the town and are versatile enough to mix with other palettes. The best thing about them is they're build-able so you can choose between a subtle dust of sparkle or high impact colour. Another desirable product of theirs is their matte range of blushers. I find matte products, from other brands, don't blend so easily or can look 'too much' so I'm pleased to have found a product that's easy to use. My favorite is 'Pink Coral', absolutely perfect for summer, as it's not too bright yet injects a splash of colour and makes your lippy pop! I wouldn't recommend this particular shade if you're going for the natural look but it's suitable for all skin tones and particularly compliments a tan. 


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