Aloha! I'm Daneca, a twenty something chatty red head, living in a whirlwind of ideas, hopes and dreams. If it were up to me, I'd be living on a secluded tropical island, surround by luscious vegetation, clear waters and blue skies. I'd spend my days with the sun on my face, laying in a net hammock whilst drinking fresh out of a coconut (mmm) and the colourful birds wou- *Ok, getting a little carried away here...  As settling in the Bahamas is a long way off, I've created this space to escape the complexity of modern day living and in case you hadn't guessed, I just so happen to be completely captivated by all things beauty related! From lavish lipsticks to bountiful body butters, make-up looks and the odd life post here and there; as well as getting lost in the pages of other blogs, I love writing and sharing my thoughts with all you fellow make-up addicts!

In every post, it is promised, that what is written is my 100% honest opinion and I will never be swayed to write something untrue in return for a gesture from a third party. In the cases when I am involved in a collaboration or sponsored in any way it will be clearly stated and will be marked with an asterisk (*)


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