Saturday, 9 July 2016

BarryM Illuminating Strobe Cream

If there's one thing that took the beauty industry by storm, in the last year, it's STROBING. As we waved ta-ra to our matte finish products and stocked up on any highlighter we could get our hands on, it's clear to see this is very much still trending. From cream, powder and liquid highlighters, the list goes on and it can seem pretty overwhelming... which one should I use? Which brand is the best? What do I do with it?! Thankfully our beauty gurus are here to save the day with endless tutorials and social media posts. 

As the high end brands launched such items they've now trickled down into our more affordable high-street brands and I'm in love with BarryM Illuminating Strobe Cream! It's most comparable to my usual go-to Benefit Watts Up Highlighter however,surprisingly, I find it has a softer application and is more easily blend-able. It's light, velvety texture glides with ease and it's almost impossible to apply too much. Where as, I find, the Benefit Watts Up is too thick to apply directly from the stick; I always have to apply it with my fingers or a sponge. What I love most about this product is it's light enough to wear on a daily yet it's easily build-able, so you can achieve those Angelina cheek bones when hitting the town. 

The strobing cream comes in two shades, 'Frosty Pink, which is a cool toned pearly pink, perfect for my fellow pale faces and 'Iced Bronze' which is a champagne shade, for a golden glow and tan enhancer. If you're new to the strobing scene and looking to venture in, I'd definitely recommend this and did i mention? It's under a fiver!


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