Friday, 8 July 2016

TRESemme Botanique's Nourish & Replenish

When it comes to hair care products Aussie and I have always been inseparable but there comes a time when a beloved shampoo must be interchanged to prevent build up. I must admit I'm not great at following this rule and quite often find a lot of other brands don't appeal to me or don't benefit my hair in the way Aussie does. However, after stumbling across TRESemme's Botaniques range I was intrigued. The bottles instantly caught my eye with it's pro-natural appearance and the clearly stated 'silicone free' (a common nasty ingredient in many cosmetics) I love any product with minimal ingredients, free from synthetic chemicals and when the bulk of the product has been made with a natural substance, it's instantly appealing to me. In this case, the main ingredient is coconut milk/ oil and aloe vera (yum!) Coconut oil is renowned for it's wondrous beauty benefits, especially in the hair department. This little gem is famous for powerfully hydrating thirsty ends and taming frizzy locks into silky smooth tresses that you just can't help but run your fingers though; personally I don't think anything compares to it! The aloe vera is well known for it's health benefits as well as improving skin condition and promoting healing which is why it effortlessly moisturises the scalp, prevents dandruff and restores natural shine, what more could we want?!

The Nourish Replenish Shampoo is completely transparent and quite runny. At first I was a little disappointed as I thought it would affect the sud-factor. Well I couldn't have been more wrong! The shampoo lathered quickly producing zillions of bubbles which surrounded my senses with a coconut scent that wasn't sickly or overpowering. As I was massaging my roots I really felt like the product was cleansing my hair thoroughly, so much so I didn't feel the need to repeat. The Nourish Replenish Conditioner carried the same heavenly smell and a small amount coated my ends well and left plenty of 'slick'. I deliberately didn't apply any of my usual leave-in products, when I blow dried my hair because I wanted to see it's raw effects and the result certainly lived up to my high expectations. My hair wasn't weighed down at all, was shiny and smooth, felt hydrated and soft and even had a little bit of bounce.  As an added bonus, the lovely coconut scent lasted for days!

I would definitely recommend this combo to anyone looking to improve the condition of their hair, without using heavy/ thick products. I found after just a few uses the overall condition of my hair had improved and surprisingly my hair has been less greasy, it really does nourish and replenish!


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