Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Sunday Snippet #1

Well hello there... I can't believe it's Sunday already! Not only that, but Sunday EVENING (where did the weekend go?!) I swear it was only a few hours ago I'd finished work for the week and the excitement of the weekend and all it's possibilities danced around in thought. Now, all of a sudden, the daunting feeling of Monday morning looms over us all... Wouldn't it be nice if each weekend was three days long? Three days seems like the perfect amount of time to 'get stuff done' as well as re charge your batteries so, by the time you return to work, you're completely refreshed and ready for anything! The likelihood of a three day weekend actually coming into play is pretty slim I know but nevertheless it's important we don't let the worry of Monday morning ruin our precious Sunday evening. Which is why I've created 'The Sunday Snippet' As you've probably realised, this post isn't like my usual beauty posts, it's more like a chit chat so forgive me if I start rambling but expect to see 'The Sunday Snippet' every week. 

So this weekend marks the beginning of July 2016! And I'm loving Marc Jacobs- Daisy as my ultimate summer fragrance. It's more fresh than floral and very feminine but not sexy; easy to wear on an everyday basis. It's strawberry top notes give a light sweetness whilst the vanilla musk and white wood adds a sophisticated touch. Whenever I catch a whiff it reminds me of days out in the sun and great memories with my favorite people. Also, I have to mention, this is probably my favorite perfume bottle I've ever owned. Daisy's are my favorite flower and I love the simplicity of them so it's nice that Marc incorporated them into the actual lid rather than just printing them on the front of the bottle.  I also swapped my normally nude nails for a soft pink. I absolutely love getting my nails done, well any kind of beauty treatment really, it sounds completely ridiculous but having nicely manicured finger tips genuinely does make me feel empowered. I chose O.P.I's Aphrodites Pink Nightie a dusky light pink that goes with everything and has just the right amount of 'girly'. I'd definitely recommend it to all you nude lovers looking to venture out and add a splash of colour for the summer months.

Recently I've been into baking. Although I cook healthy home made meals I rarely 'bake' and after venturing into the baking isle and and seeing all the nifty little gadgets and endless ranges of sprinkles and decorations I went a little overboard... Today I made chocolate chip vanilla cup cakes with chocolate icing, which taste pretty good if I do say so myself, and I sprinkled them with the cutest little white chocolate stars. I mean let's be honest the best part about baking cup cakes is decorating them and after a hefty battle with the piping bag I think I finally got the hang of it. I always see baking videos pop up, as I'm scrolling through social media and they all make it look so easy! (it's not) but there's something very calming and therapeutic about baking, I wonder what I'll make next?


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