Tuesday, 28 June 2016

L'Oreal Infallible Collection

I seem to be slightly obsessed with L'Oreal recently... Maybe it's because overall the brand displays a high-end vibe but for high street prices? Or maybe it's just because it's always on 3 for 2 at Boots. Either way, I've noticed I've some how managed to accumulate enough L'Oreal products to fill a whole shelf and among these treats I hold three popular products from the almighty Infallible range.

Annoyingly, Mother Nature blessed (or cursed) me with oily skin which left to it's own devises, can get a little crazy... So a foundation with strong staying power is essential. I mean there's nothing worse than catching your reflection half way through the day and practically blinding yourself as the light reflects off your shiny face (this seems to happen to me quite often). I'll always be a die hard fan of my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear but at £30 a bottle it's not always affordable to splash out. Thankfully though, we can rely on our high-street brands to save the day with affordable prices and L'Oreal is renowned for delivering high quality cosmetics that won't break the bank! 

The Infallible 24H Foundation was top on my list to try. A high-coverage foundation that disguises the appearance of fatigue and blemishes as well as staying fresh for 24 hours? Yes please! I must admit, it was difficult to find the perfect shade and it's not the easiest of foundations to blend so would recommend applying this with a beauty blender (sponge) but once applied it does deliver high-coverage with a lovely glow. Disappointingly, it only stays put up until about lunch time and is in no way 'touch proof' as they claim. I have to wear glasses at work and found the foundation transfers onto them, leaving foundation-less patches on the bridge of my nose (even though I primed my skin before hand and set the foundation with powder) Okay so inevitably, when wearing glasses all day there's bound to be slight marks but out of all the foundations I've used this foundation has been the least resilient; it's safe to say I wouldn't even consider wearing this on a night out.

I decided I needed to go down the Infallible 24H Matte Foundation route and applied it in hope of a better result. Positively, it does deliver a long lasting matte finish and is somewhat water/ steam resistant but it didn't give me a natural appearance and it was so very obvious I was wearing a thick foundation. I persevered with it for about a week, experimenting with different application techniques and sandwiching it between a range of primers and powders but broke up with it after reading the ingredients. It contains so many parabens and chemicals that I simply couldn't bring myself to use it anymore.

On a positive note, I do love the Infallible Powder Compact and have re-purchased it twice already. Although it's a pressed powder, it's quite loose so one swish of a brush is plenty. It evenly sets my foundation and delivers a flawless finish without drying or caking which is perfect. I love that it comes with a handy mirror and sponge for on the go touch ups, definitely in my top three for high-street powders! Honestly, I'm disappointed that I didn't fall madly in love with this range, I really wanted to! And although these foundations weren't my cuppa tea, I have read other reviews which have sung their praises so it just goes to show that it completely depends on your personal preference and skin type. 


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