Sunday, 26 June 2016

L'Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit


I'm just gonna cut to the chase on this one because I'm too excited about this product to begin with an elaborate introduction. So, meet my new brow BFF! L'Oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit This isn't a newly released product in fact, it's been around for a while now but I tend to steer clear of experimenting with my eye brows. I think we've all experienced a brow dilemma, when trying something new, so once we find a product that works for us we naturally stick with it but this has certainly encouraged me to branch out a bit more! As a fair red head, I have naturally blonde eye brows so I get them tinted to a medium brown but finding the perfect shade, in a product, has proven difficult. They're either too dark or too cool and sometimes appear grey (?!) but whilst browsing for new beauty buys, I casually picked up the light-medium shade, and to my surprise it was perfect so this is a definite recommendation for my fair haired beauties!

I love the compact packaging, I mean it's basically a tardis! It's so sleek and dainty yet it includes a good sized, high quality mirror, brow wax, powder, a double ended brush and the cutest pair of tweezers! The quality of this product is what impressed me the most and I honestly believe it's worth every penny. Normally, with an item like this I find when the actual product is good, the brush it comes with is completely useless and so it gets tossed aside along with the many other free brushes; only to be used for face paint or nail art. However, this super soft high-density angled brush works wonders to create defined lines and structured angles. The only fault I have is the handle is too short to use on a daily basis so I have being using my regular angled brush more often than not. Saying that, it won't go to waste as I'll certainly be using it for on the go touch ups and whilst travelling.

When I first used the wax I felt skeptical as it seemed barley noticeable, although it has a very smooth consistency, which made it easy to shape and define my brows in the way I wanted to. However, when I applied the easy-blend powder it was like BAM- instant transformation! I wouldn't say it was essential to brush my brows afterwards (as it is with other brow products) but doing so did add a certain sleek-ness.  Admittedly, it does take longer to apply than a pencil or brow mascara but for the finish I think it's worth it. What's more, it stays in place for 12+ hours and is somewhat smudge proof so you can rely on this to cater for all your brow care needs. I personally wouldn't recommend this to someone who's a beginner in brow defining or looking for a quick fix but for those of you who's brows are precious I'd highly recommend.


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