Saturday, 7 May 2016

St. Moriz Professional Fast Tan REVIEW


Finally, after months of enduring grey sky's, blistering winds and (what feels like) constant downpours... Our faith in British weather has been restored by bestowing upon us warm glorious sunshine! However, I was in no way prepared for this and have no intention of blinding people with my lily whites so of course, action needed to be taken! As a fair red head, although I gain some colour, sadly I do not 'properly' tan and avoid sun bathing at all costs as to not get burnt (fake it don't bake it!) I've always been a die hard lover of the St. Moriz fake tan range and have tried many high end brands that are far more expensive and nothing compares to it!

To my excitement they've launch a professional 'fast' tan that, unlike most brands, gives you the power to control your shade and intensity. The guideline suggests that if you allow it to develop for one hour you'll have a light glow, two hours a medium tan and three hours a darker bronzed tan. After exfoliating in the shower, I used an oil-free moisturiser to hydrate my dry areas (elbows, knees, ankles, face). Using my tanning mitt, I generously applied the coffee coloured foam in circular motions, beginning with the bottoms of my legs and working upwards towards my face; for an even application. One of the perks of St. Moriz self tan is that it doesn't have the notorious fake tan scent, just a clean and almost soapy fragrance. I found the foam glided over my skin easily, blended well and and the guide colour ensured I didn't miss any awkward places and was streak free. Interestingly, the guide colour isn't ask dark as the other St. Moriz products but it dried within minutes, without feeling sticky, so I was able to get dressed without the worry of smudging my in-progress tan. 

Within two and a half hours, I watched a golden tan develop and at that point decided to rinse it off with warm water. To my surprise, more product washed off than expected but never the less I was left with a healthy tan that looked natural. Honestly, I was hoping for a more intense tan (going by the guide on the bottle) and the normal St. Moriz range does deliver this. However, I'm still pleased with the results and haven't found a more efficient 'fast tan'. 

I think this would be perfect for topping up a fading tan or for those of you who want a light, natural looking glow. It's also a god send for those spontaneous and unexpected occasions where you'd like a tan but weren't prepared. This is by far the easiest tan I've ever used and there's no risk of being tangoed or looking like Ross in the famous episode of Friends. I'd also feel pretty confident wearing this out before rinsing it off as it dries quickly, doesn't smudge and doesn't have a strong scent or transfer onto clothes.  



  1. Nice review!

    I love St.Moritz it seems to be my go-to tan! I usually find that quite a lot of the product washes off in the shower and it feels like your washing all your lovely tan off haha, but glad this one is like the others and still leaves you with a nice colour.

    I just bought the new pro range from Boots the other day so I'm excited to try them out! x

  2. Thank you, Small Freckles!

    Me too! I know, I panic everytime but never dissapointed :)

    I haven't tried the Pro range but have heard good things!

    P.S I love your blog x