Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My New Fav- Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm!


As I was embracing my day off and purchasing some nice new work outfits I past Boots 'All cosmetics 3 for 2' *gasp* of course I couldn't pass up the bargain. I'd actually run out of a few necessities anyway so I thought this would be a good opportunity to hunt out some new editions to my make-up collection and I have to say this is my favourite purchase of 2014 and I cannot stress enough how brilliant it is. Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm (£5.99) is almost like a giant crayon, with a swivel at the base, so you can wind it up and down just like a lipstick. They have a variety of colours ranging from warm nudes to mauves and bright pinks, perfect for the new 2014 spring/summer beauty trends! I opted for On Fire and Keep Mauving as I've always been a love for pinks and have never tried a mauve balm before.

So after a full day of shopping I finally made it home and excitedly laid out all my new purchases, and let me tell you, before I had even fully taken the lid off I was already filled with the scent of an old fashioned sweet shop, which definitely fits in with the whole spring/ candy theme. Normally, I don’t like scented make-up but for some reason it doesn’t seem to bother me if it’s for my lips. I was a bit worried about the sticky factor- I seriously can't stand sticky lip-anything! If it’s even a tad bit sticky I won't buy it, but thankfully this blissful balm isn't sticky at all and actually feels as though my lips are being nourished, very similar to a Chap-stick or Vaseline. It was really easy to apply and despite it being really light weight it has a nice vibrant colour and a high shine. When I'd finished applying I did think to myself that this product is too perfect, it must have some kind of flaw right? Wrong. I actually thought that it would rub off after half an hour due to it's light weight formula but it actually stained my lips for a good 6 hours. I think the only thing that let's this product down is that it's definitely a day time lip. I don’t think the colours aren't strong enough to wear at night for me but paired up with a lipstick and I think we’ll have a nice combo. 

Okay so the last thing I want to mention is my favourite feature of this product, the thing is, I'm actually really impressed when it comes to multi-purpose items (that work) and this one definitely made it to the 'Make-Up Favourites' draw. The balms light consistency and splash of colour means it can actually double up as a cheek stain so in second cheeks and lips are perfectly co-ordinated. I haven’t tried this with the mauve shades yet but as you can see in the photo it works a treat with the pinks and reds, it seems to give the impression that you’ve made a real effort when actually it was effortless.  

Found any handy multi-purpose beauty buys? Let me know! 

Neeks x

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