Thursday, 6 March 2014

February Empties!


End of the month already? Seems like only yesterday I was reflecting the ups and downs of 2013 and beginning to devise a plan for the new year ahead. Now, 2 months in, it's hard to believe that we're almost a quarter of the way though 2014! I'm not usually one of those people who make a big song and dance about how the new year is going to be amazing and how I'm going to fulfill all the things I wanted to do last year, but didn't. I'm more of a 'well let's just see how it goes' kinda gal but to be honest the beginning of this year has been better than I'd first imagined. I started the year by making the hard decision to withdraw from university and after that I was struggling to find over time at work now I'm delighted to say that I have a new job! Which is a huge relief and complete weight off my shoulders. 

Anyway enough life-reflecting! February seemed to be one of those months where I seemed to run out of absolutely everything, consequently I found myself stocking back up on pay day, trust me the day couldn't have come soon enough! The main things I ran out of this month are my skin care products, it's a rarity that I actually finish all these at the same time but in some ways it's more convenient. I despise having 4 or 5 different cleansers, all half empty in my bathroom, that I'll sadly but most likely never reach for. So the current skin care items I ran out of are the Nivea Daily Essentials Range. First of all It's no wonder why I ran out of the Nivea Express Hydration Primer (Click to see my review) and secondly, I've come to the conclusion that if I'm gonna have a break out It's inevitable and there's not really that much I can do about it. I'm fed up with spending money on expensive skin care items, that probably don't actually do much good, but the deceivingly legit packaging and adverts promising invisible pores, no shine and blemish free skin, presented by a beautiful fresh faced model seem to hypnotise me into buying them. And you know what? Since I've been using simple solutions and steering away from complicated regimes the quality and complexion of my skin has actually improved! So there we go. 

I also previously emptied my much loved Diesel Loverdose Body Lotion. I remember the first time I got a wiff of the perfume in Boots, of course I immediately sprayed it on myself, and asked for it for Christmas. I love it because it puts a mysterious twist on a sensual scent, with the heart notes of liquorice and vanilla it's definitely intriguing and what's more the body lotion leaves a light scent and absorbs easily, unlike a lot of perfumed body lotions. 

What did you empty this February?  

Neeks x

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