Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Sunday Snippet #3

This week I was lucky enough to have a week off work and spent the majority of my time with my loved ones; enjoying the sun. So far this year we haven't had a 'real' summer here in the UK, it's been mainly humid grey skies and ALOT of downpours but this week our prayers were heard and we were blessed with golden sunshine and scorching heat. So, we went to the beach for a few hours and absorbed feel-good atmosphere... Whilst watching the fellow beach goers I couldn't help but notice the vast range of female body types and it was a true reality to check. In my head, everyone is walking around with big boobs, a tiny waist, curvy hips and flawless skin but that really isn't the case at all (who knew?!). This probably sounds ridiculous that I'd have this perception of the world but when picture perfect models are are inescapably flooding the media in shopping malls, the TV and social media it's no wonder why so many women feel the pressure of the seemingly 'perfect' body type. It reminded me to feel blessed in the body I was given and not compare myself to Instagram models or put myself down. This is something we should all be doing and also, regularly remind ourselves (and others) that we are are beautiful and sexy, no matter what shape or size we are, or what the media has to say about their unrealistic version of 'perfect'

On another note, I'm loving dungarees at the moment! Dresses, shorts and the traditional dungaree all seem to be taking pride of place in my wardrobe and you may have seen, in The Sunday Snippet #2, I featured a 90's denim dress from TOPSHOP. I just love how easy they are to wear, an edgy spin on the classic jeans and T-shirt. I actually got these black dungarees from Newlook and as they're fitted, they're particularly flattering. I've worn these with anything from a crop top and sandals, for summery feel, to a baggy white T for a casual look. A lot of people have said they like dungarees but are unsure what to where them with. My advise? Pinterest. Pinterest has endless outfit ideas, for your chosen item, so it's easy to find inspiration and create an outfit that works for you.

As I had a moment spare today, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and give my make-up drawers a good ol' spring clean; it's one of those jobs I always put off but once I get going it's actually quite enjoyable. When you're only using a handful of products regularly, it's easy to forget what you actually have... Re-organising is the perfect opportunity to route through all your products and remind yourself of everything you own. You'd be surprised how often you fall in love again with a forgotten lipstick or blusher. Anyhow, I got these drawers from Muji, Oxford Street. The 5 Drawer is perfect for starting out, the drawers slide smoothly and one drawer can comfortably hold 22 lipsticks, so you won't be short on space. Beneath the 5 drawer I have two 2 Drawers which have a larger depth so perfect for storing large or bulky items. What I love most about the Muji acrylic storage is they have a wide variety of stack-able styles to accommodate all your storing needs. I think they're fairly priced, easy to clean and your products are always easily found. 


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