Thursday, 30 April 2015

iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Review


With the likes of Cheryl Cole (Sorry- Vernandez Versini) and Kim K flaunting their perfectly white teeth all over the media, it's no surprise that we're all exploring new ways to achieve that hollywood smile! (without breaking the bank) People will try anything from whitening tooth pastes to baking soda and I myself have joined the teeth whitening quest. I mean although my teeth are alright they're definitely not sparkling white. So, when I was in Boots I stumbled across iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit it was on offer and I've heard good things about it so ,for twenty quid, I thought I would give it go.

The kit contains ten 'one size fits all' trays, each prefilled with a 'revolutionary whitening gel which has been clinically proven to be dental safe and instantly effective'. The guide instructs you to leave the trays in for twenty minutes for five consecutive days and watch your teeth whiten up to eight shades brighter. The professional, clear packaging also stated the formula has an active stain remover with white crystals (whatever that means?)

I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Let's just say it didn't give me that gleaming white smile I'd been hoping for. First of all, the 'one size fits all' trays didn't actually fit so I had to give them a good wiggle to cover as much of my teeth as possible. The liquid inside the trays wasn't evenly spread throughout (as you can see) so I had to use a tooth pick to even the coating. After leaving them in for twenty minutes I felt positive and had no horrible taste or sensitivity; so at least I knew I hadn't damaged my teeth. After rinsing my mouth out, I quickly looked in the mirror to see the 'instant results'. Disappointingly, my teeth pretty much looked the same but they felt exceptionally clean so I gave the first go the benefit of the doubt. I was sure after completing the course I'd see a noticeable difference but after using the trays, for four more days, my teeth were probably only one or two shades lighter. I mean it wasn't the Hollywood smile I was aiming for but I guess it was an improvement plus my teeth looked a lot shinier. However, fast forward three weeks and my teeth are back to their original shade. 

I think I've come to the conclusion that if you want that pearly white smile you've either got to fork out hundreds of pounds or buy a dodgy kit off the internet. I have lot's of friends that have bought teeth whitening kits online. To be fair they all have dazzling smiles but a lot of the kits you buy online have high peroxide levels that can damage your enamel. I don't think I'm gonna take that risk so if anybody has used a teeth whitening products or have had treatments that actually work please share! 

Neeks x

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  1. I am with you on the whole don't buy cheap kits over the internet thing! Either you buy a good one, or you go get your teeth whitened at a dentist. I, myself, went with the latter a year or so back, and I am happy that I did. When I cam back from the the dentist, I could tell it worked because my wife looked very happy.