Sunday, 3 May 2015

Top 5 Spring 2015 Lipsticks


If you're anything like me, your lipstick has the ability to transform an outfit, make a statement, reflect your mood and develop throughout the seasons. In A/W 2014 nudes and deep plum shades exploded and MAC Rebel soon became my A/W fav. Thankfully, Spring is among us and that means the sun is shining, new life is emerging and everything seems to get that little bit more cheerful. To reflect this light mood we have bright peaches, matte and shimmery pinks and Kylie Jenner brown's so, from left to right, here is my top five Spring 2014 lipsticks! 

Maybelline seemingly hasn't launched a great product for me since the Instant Pore Eraser (see post). But recently, whilst picking up some regular toiletries I stumbled across their Rebel Bouquet Lipstick Range. Their creamy texture left my lips feeling hydrated and more plump plus they're lightly floral scented. You do have to use a little more than usual, as they're more like a gloss, but despite this it stays on for most of the day. Overall I think they're really cute and easy to wear daily. They're not overbearing and inject just enough colour to give you that spring feeling. I would say the soft pink and light peach shades would suit most skin tones. I mean for just over a fiver, they're a pretty good bargain.   

Believe it or not, this one was actually free in a Max Factor deal in Boots. I don't know why I never buy Max Factor lipsticks to be honest because I always end up being rather fond of them, when I receive a sample or free gift. This particular range of lipsticks are supposed to give you the benefits of a lip treatment while you wear it. It's '60% Elixir treatment' and includes a range of anti-oxidants along with Shea, avocado and aloe butters. I don't know for sure what the Elixir is but my lips do stay hydrated when I wear them. This rich coral shade is very vibrant and sheen. It's versatile, as you can wear it on it's own, or apply it over another lipstick to give it that extra oomph. 

Okay so you already know why Candy Yum Yum is in my top five! (see post) I was raving on about the lip pencil a couple of months back and for my twenty first birthday, I got the matching lipstick from everyone at work! This mega bright, matte pink has been my go-to for a while now, it's kinda replaced my beloved MAC Rebel and I already know I'll be wearing it to Bestival in September. Please Me was also a birthday present, from my sister Sophie, I'd been easing myself into the '' matte brown lipstick zone'' because Kylie Jenner has some how hypnotised me, and most other girls in their twenties, to wear it. Thing is, it's hard to get the right shade as I'm so bloomin' pale but that's when I received this baby! Just the right cross between dusky pink and light brown... you simply can't go wrong. 

Okay so that's my top five Spring 2015 lipsticks! What are you favorites from the above? What lipsticks have you been wearing lately?


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