Wednesday, 22 April 2015

April 2015 Glossybox- Iconic Hollywood Edit


I've been reading endless posts, about these beauty box subscriptions for quite some time now and for £10 a month, you can see why the lavish idea is appealing.. However with three or more brands out there, sending out these treats, how on earth are we meant to decide which box to buy?? Originally I was gonna subscribe to Birchbox because they tend to include more high-end products but the theme of Glossy's April 15' Edition won me over in a heart beat. I mean, 'The Iconic Hollywood Box Edit' was a really fun idea and brought me back to student life. When I was studying make-up, one of our moduals was make-up through the decades and of course, the iconic winged eyeliner and red lip was always a fav. I think it's safe to say many people will view red as a very, if not the most, empowering lip colour and will never go out of style. Okay I went on a little tangent there but what can I say? I'm passionate! Back to Glossybox, they sent out one of four pastel coloured boxes (yellow, green, orange or blue) that each have a different quote, from our beloved Audrey or glorious Marilyn, written inside the lid. I must say it was beautifully wrapped and well presented plus the box is good quality and sturdy so I'll deffo be keeping it for some kind of storage. The box also came with cute little cards that had a detailed price list with product definition, a 25% off Finery voucher and the editors letter. 

Okay so enough about the packaging, WHAT'S IN THE BOX? The best product they sent me was a full sized Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil (Kiss). It's an extremely creamy, orange-based red lip crayon that's highly pigmented and strikingly bright. I'm in love with the shade and it glides glides easily onto my lips, without drying them out. The only downside is you need to re-apply it throughout the day but I reckon you could solve that with a little Lipcote. My second fav is the Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser (I've never come across the brand before so I'm glad they sent me this). Okay so it looks and feels exactly like Sudocrem, which initially put me off but after using it as part of my night time routine I've discovered it's improving my skin. Even though I've only been using it for four days my skin feels more supple and hydrated and I've actually started putting it on my tattoos as they tend to get a tad dry sometimes. Color Club Barley There Nail Polish was also amongst the wrapping, I'm sooo happy they sent me this because I find it impossible to find the perfect nude for my complexion. They tend to either be too pink or too brown but this one is perfect for me. What's more, I applied it Sunday morning; it's now Wednesday and I'm still chip free! 

Okay so the last two products I'm not overally keen on... I received a Rose IDC Body Lotion, which would be nice if you liked rose and body lotion but it's sad to say I don't. (I'm more of a body butter kind of girl!) They also sent a POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen (Black) but it wasn't really black, it was more grey and a bit 'wishy washy'. I mean if I'm doing a smokey eye I might pick it up because it smudges easily but I wouldn't buy it. Although I wasn't keen on these two products I'm so pleased with the other three that it makes up for it. Plus, I'm sure there are people out there who would enjoy them. Excluding the pretty packaging and cards inside, the total value of the box is £28.08, which is pretty good going considering I paid £10. Not only that but it's a fun pick me up for those dull days.. Like when I'm tired from working all day and I'm greeted by this little beauty, it's exciting to pull open the ribbon and discover what goodies I've been sent to me, so I think overall it's a great experience. 

Neeks x

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