Saturday, 18 April 2015

Current Brush Favs


So there are three things I am a proper sucker for when it comes to the world of beauty. The first one is nail polish, I mean it's like I literally can't help myself, especially when it's 3 for 2 at Boots! Honestly, there's nothing that can come between me and new little shiny bottle of colour, no matter how many times I tell myself ''Daneca, you do not need six shades of orange.. You don't even wear orange!''. And the same scenario is replayed when my eyes draw towards the lipsticks.. but the third thing I'm a sucker for is make-up brushes however, I feel that splashing out on decent make-up brushes is justifiable and they'll last a lot longer than any lipstick, foundation or nail polish. 

I often get asked how I apply my make-up, do I have any special secret? If I'm honest investing in a couple of decent brushes will result in them doing all the work for you! So here is four of my favorite make-up brushes, that have never let met down, and deliver a perfect application every time.

This brush is perfect for soft shading and blending. The long, smooth fibers naturally create a large 'dome' shape. I would definitely say this is the best brush to use if you want a natural look, it easily blends shimmers and mattes to create an effortless chic look. Although it's fairly pricey, it's definitely worth it for the quality. It's painless to clean (so no excuses!) and if you look after it, it will last you for years.

Okay so usually I'm not a fan of brushes that come with eye shadow palettes. Most of the time I feel like they kinda just 'through them in' and they just get used for messy special effects or when I need to use glue. However, I eat my words when it comes to this one, it's a double ended, versatile brush that gives you a precise application. On one end it has a medium flat brush with a soft edge. It's the ideal tool for 'patting' colour onto my lids; this technique is good for when you want to create intense pigment. On the other end there is a smaller version which makes lining the outer corners and lower lashes a breeze. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
You know that moment where you find an amazing product that you simply cannot live without now? I mean I really have no idea how I was getting by without this. I use this brush every single day without fail. It's ultra fine, dense bristles ensure an even flawless base every time. I simply buff the foundation in circular motions and the bristles get into all the nooks and cranny's for me. It is slightly smaller than other stippling brushes I own but the upside on that is I can use it to apply concealer. 

Charles Fox Eye Contouring Brush
I actually got this brush in the Fox Pink Brush Set but I know you can buy them individually at Charles Fox in Covent Garden. I got mine when I did work experience there and it's been my true love ever since. It's basically a small blending brush but more dense. I like it because it makes a really defined line when applying eye shadow in the crease of my eye (think 1960's!) It works a treat when smudging eye liner so it's definitely my go to brush when doing a smokey eye. Okay so I absolutely love the handle! It's short and fat which personally makes applying my make-up easier for me (and let's not forget the fact it's florescent pink!) 

Okay so those are my top for brushes and quite frankly have been for over a year... I'm actually off to London today (post coming!) but I'd love to know if any of you guys own these brushes and what you think of them... Or if there are any other amazing brushes you've found please share!

Neeks x

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