Monday, 6 April 2015

My Top 3 High Street Concealers


Let's just cut to the chase.. Concealer is probably more important to me than foundation and was the very first make-up product I bought as a teenager, so I guess in some ways, it was my gateway product which lead me into this vast cosmetic world. I have spent numerous hours reading reviews, testing products and watching videos in search for the best concealers that will leave my skin looking flawless; without spending a fortune! So, as I was carefully analysing each concealer I own, I realised that these chosen three are the only concealers that I have re-purchased and therefore deserve a shout out! 

Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer £7.99
I actually bought this on a whim with a promotional offer but I was pleasantly surprised. This concealer has been specifically tailored for under eye coverage however, I've felt it's versatile formula works really well when covering blemishes. It's light-defusing creamy formula is perfect for a smooth application and the soft applicator makes touching up on the go simple and effective. You can use the applicator to blend the concealer but I prefer to use an actual brush as I don't feel the applicator provided is sufficient enough. It's the type of concealer you twist at the bottom and the liquid comes out through the applicator, meaning it's cost effective as you're not wasting any product. Overall it's a great concealer and has excellent coverage, the only downfall is unfortunately it doesn't last very long in comparison with other concealers I've tried. 


This is probably my favorite out of the three and, due to it's concentrated formula, has lasted me longer than the other two combined! Now I am a BIG fan of Bourjois' 'healthy mix' range and this oil-free concealer is no exception. Infused with 'fruit therapy', the apricot provides radiance, the melon leaves skin moisturised and the raspberry acts as a 'micro-circulation activator' (I don't know what that means either) BUT after using the product for a few days the puffy-ness under my eyes was noticeably reduced and, due to it's subtle light reflecting pigment, I did feel my skin looked more radiant and glowey.  This concealer is yellow based so perfect for covering dark circles and acne scars, It also did a good job in covering my spots. One thing I would suggest is to blend with a stippling or fluffy concealer brush as fingers can make it look a bit smeary. Also, it's although it's quite thick in consistency, it's very 'wet' so I tend to let it set for about 30 seconds before I blend it in.  


Bourjois Happy Light Concealer £8.99
Another Bourjois concealer that I'm a big fan of and would recommend to anyone. It's a soft cream concealer that comes in a cute little pot with a mirror for perfect on the go touch ups! It's thick in consistency but doesn't feel heavy on the skin (if used sparingly!) it's pretty heavy duty so conceals dark circles and blemishes well. I also think it's great for subtle highlighting an contouring plus it's very similar to 'Benefit's Erase Paste' (except it's over half the price). This is is one of the very few products I actually prefer to blend with my fingers and this is because the warmth from my finger tips melts the product slightly, making it a lot easier to blend. The only thing I would say is it's very easy to get carried away and use too much! So, begin by dabbing this in light layers, where you wish to conceal, and then build it up so you get to grips with how much to use. Apparently this can also be used as an eye shadow primer but I must admit I haven't tried it SO if you have, please comment below with some feedback!


So there you have it, my top three high street concealers. If any of you have tried these or know of any other brands which worked better for you then please lemme know as I'd love to hear all about them! 

Neeks x

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