Sunday, 15 March 2015

Candy Yum-Yum Lip Pencil Review


It's been a very relaxed Sunday morning so far, I slowly woke up while I sipped my tea and browsed weekend city break deals. Glancing out the window, it still looks grey and cold and then I quickly remembered it's mothers day and felt happy that I'd be visiting my parents this afternoon. Before I begin to get ready for my day I thought it would be nice to write you guys a little Sunday morning post, expressing my love for my favorite lip pencil at the moment, MAC Candy Yum-Yum! I've had my eye on this baby for ages but kept telling myself to wait for summer, thinking it would be more fitting but then I thought you know what? Screw it! This lip pencil needs me! 

So everyone knows I'm a big fan of bold lips and I'm lucky because they pop against my fair skin although I reckon pretty much any skin tone could pull this off. I love this bright pink (and it is bright.. like Katy Perry bright) It just screams fun and is very versatile, I've been wearing it during the day with light shimmery eye make-up but will definitely rock it on a night out. It's matte which makes it even better and you can also get the lipstick to match but I just apply the pencil all over my lips, with a touch of lip balm and it's guaranteed to stay on all day.

Okay so we all know MAC is a more pricey brand but I'd recommend investing in a lip pencil because the quality is superb, it doesn't cake or dry out your lips and is long wearing. Plus the pencils will last much longer than a lipstick! So if you know any dupes for this product or know of something similar please enlighten us all and I hope this brightened up your Sunday.

Neeks x

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