Monday, 23 March 2015



Lately I feel like I've been developing a lot as a person. It is a positive experience but I decided it was time for a change to reflect my growth and mark the point I am in my personal journey. I mean what better way to express my new self than to have a blog re-vamp!? You can see the new design still reflects aspects of my old self/ blog such as the simplicity and grey/ pink tones but I feel the new design is much more ME and much more FUN! I do still have a couple of features to tweak but you know how lengthy these things can be plus the bulk of it is done and I'm pleased with the finished result. I got the main design from Etsy and then added my own features. You can now see my Instagram/ Pinterest feed on my side bar and I've condensed my tabs from 6 to 4. I felt like it was easier to navigate this way and if you venture to my portfolio you'll see some of my experience/ qualifications. I am now available as a freelance make-up artist for weddings, proms, special occasions and theatre. If you have any enquiries please visit my contact page.

Neeks x

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