Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 Ways To Feel More Positive


It's been a very grey couple of days and I'm at that point where I'm just feeling generally fed up and all I wanna do is see a bit of sunshine! Longer days, warm nights, an ice cold kopparberg ahh I long for you! And although I can see a little twinkle of summer on the horizon it's still a long way off yet so the cold melancholy days of England are still among us all. 

Okay so as you can see it's easy to moan, easy to dwell on situations, thoughts or feelings. It's easy to slip into that negative cycle; we've all been there and yeah sometimes it can be difficult to look on the bright side. We all have our daily struggles and personal battles but it's important to 'take a deep a breath' and focus on the bigger picture. So, in no particular order, below I've written a ten ways that might help when the going gets tough...

1. 'Let go'
My close friend Nicole once told me 'being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting them to die' and since that day I've been made more and more aware that If you're holding a grudge or dwelling on angry feelings towards someone the only person that will be affected is yourself. 

2. Don't compare yourself to others
Whether you're comparing beauty, talent, success or even relationships the end result will always be the same and you will always end up feeling bad about yourself. Focus on your own assets, ambitions and goals. I mean it's natural to feel envious of 'that girls hair' but don't let it get the better of you! 

3. Happiness is contagious
If you surround yourself with positive people it will rub off on you. Emotions are transferable so hanging out with negative people will drain you. Don't feel guilty for cutting out those who don't make you happy! Having positive influences and social networks will be sure to bring you up; smiles are infectious! 

4. Vent
In my eyes it's vital to speak to someone if you're feeling low. We all have anxiety about how someone might react or worry that they won't understand but talking to the right person can really lift a weight.

5. Don't feel bad
 If you try and please everyone you're sure to please no one. 

6. Be thankful for what you have
If everyone put their problems on a table and you all had a chance to pick up someone else's issues, I bet you'd take yours back. We're all guilty of forgetting how lucky we really are but when things are taking a turn for the worst, take a moment to appreciate the good things in life, it might not be so bad after all.

7. Schedule in 'me time'
Everyone needs time to themselves to relax. Get stuck in a new book, find a new hobby, watch 5 hours of Netflix while painting your nails or even just sit and reflect. It's important for your own well being and you'll thank yourself for it. 

8. Every day is a new day
Start every day fresh and try not to dwell on what happened yesterday. Every day is a new day and a new opportunity for something great to happen. Live each day to the fullest, you never know when it will be your last. 

9. Look at things from a different perspective
When we're thinking about a difficult situation it's easy for our mind to wonder and make it appear and feel worse than it really is. Trying to look at it from a different point of view will help you think logically.   

10. Hakuna Matata 
You know what they say about worrying... don't. When you see yourself in a tough situation ask yourself if it's something that's out of your control or is there something you can do about it? If there is something you can do to help the situation, think logically and write it down. If it's something that's out of your control try and find a way of accepting and adjusting to it.

''Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference''

Neeks x

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