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Yep, you heard right- Urban Decay's Naked Palette 3 is now out! I've always said if I could only ever own 1 eye shadow palette it would be Urban Decay Naked 1 but when I heard they were releasing Naked 3 I was ecstatic. I read on a fellow beauty bloggers post that it was to be released on the 16th of December (UK) so when I came into work to see it proudly displayed on the Urban Decay counter last weekend I nearly had a heart attack... and of course purchased it! 

£37.00 Debenhams

It comes in a gold/rose tin case to compliment it's rosey eye shadow shades. I was hoping it would have different packaging because Naked 2 is also in a tin case, whereas Naked 1 has a velvet one, but never the less a tin case does work and is easy to keep clean.

It comes with 12 gorgeous shades ranging between matte, satin and metallic. It also comes with a mirror and dual end eye shadow brush, one side for packing on colour and the other side for blending and contouring.

Now for the exciting part- swatches! From left to right we have...

Strange- 'pale neautral matte-satin' 
This shade is really pretty, almost a warmer peachy-er version of 'virgin' will definitely come in handy when my usual highlighters gone for a walk. 

Dust- 'pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro glitter'
Someone say iridescent?! I love this because it's only shimmery in certain angles which means you could still where it during the day without it being 'too much'. 

Burnout- 'light pinky-peach satin'
The texture of this is really smooth and it almost has a pearly finish to it, pair it up with 'liar' and I think we have ourselves a winner! 

Lumit- 'light dusty rose matte'
Not sure how I feel about this one, but will give it a chance. I think this one will be a good base for a simple everyday/ work look.

Buzz- 'metallic rose shimmer with silver micro glitter'
This is probably in my top 5 from Naked Palette 3. It's warm yet somewhat frosty at the same time; due to the metallic. Will definitely get a lot of use out of it. 

Trick- 'light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro sparkle'
D'you know what? I think this has actually beaten my love for 'half baked'. It's a lot smoother than half baked and is a richer gold, no hints of bronze. 

Nooner- 'medium pinky-brown matte'
I think I'll pair this up with 'lumit' for a first try. It kinda has a 'naked' and 'buck' combo feel too it, just pinky-er. 

Liar- 'medium metallic mauve shimmer'
Abit confused about this one, Urban Decay also have a lipstick called 'liar' but the shades are completely different. This eye shadow along with 'factory' and 'mugshot' make a very similar trio.

Factory- 'pinky-brown satin'
Really nice brown with a hint of a pink and a light dose of shimmer, definitely one for brown/ hazel and green eyed galz.

Mugshot- 'metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift'
I can see this becoming my go-to night out shadow. Really reminds me of 'sidecar' without the glitter overload.

Darkside- 'deep taupe-mauve satin'
Not black, yet not grey, this is a funny one. Will need to experiment more with it before I make my verdict but ya never know, it may surprise me. After a light wash and concentrating it in the outter corners, smudge a little gel liner, and we may have ourselves a glam grunge look. 

Blackheart- 'smoky black matte satin with rosy red micro sparkle'
Da da da daaaaa! Probably the main feature that draws us in as make-up fanatics 'blackheart' puts a spin on the traditional matte black eye shadow by adding subtle red glitter, ooh very festive!

Urban Decay also kindly inserted 4 samples of thir primer potions ('original' 'sin' 'edan' and 'anti-aging') for us to try! Each pod contains 1 weeks worth of primer and I'm sure if you use it sparingly it will last a lot longer. 

So there we have it, Urban Decay's Naked Palette 3. I definitely think it's worth buying even if you already have Naked 1 & 2, there aren't any dupes in this palette and you have a wide range of warm shades to compliment your skin tone all year round, for any occasion. Personally, I think I'm torn between Naked 1 & 3 although Naked 2 has a beautiful matte black shade. I think I need to play around with it a bit more before writing Naked Palette 3 review. 

What's your favorite Naked Palette? 

Neeks x

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