Sunday, 8 December 2013

Homemade Christmas Stocking


I've always had a 'thing' for making stuff whether it's transforming a jam jar into a candle holder or simply decorating a photo frame, I've always really enjoyed it, and at this time of year I think homemade gifts are a lovely way to show how much you care for that person and also add a personal touch! 

Of course, I'm sure most of will have a Christmas stocking, waiting to be filled with special gifts so when I found out my boyfriend didn't have one I was absolutely gobsmacked and decided to make one for him. Furthermore, I've written a step by step on how I made it just for you guys! Before we begin I'm not gonna lie it took me about 4 hours start-finish (I don't have a sewing machine) so be prepared and enjoy...

Okay so you will need... 
-A festive fabric of your choice (I've gone with a traditional red) make sure you choose a strong fabric, like felt.
-White fleece for detail
-Cord for the loop
-White and red thread (or thread that matches your main fabric)
-Sharp scissors
-An old newspaper 
-Black marker
-Needle (or sewing machine if you're lucky enough to have one!)
-Anything you want to decorate it with I'm using gold glitter glue!

You can purchase your fabric/ pins etc from anywhere you wish but I got mine from fabric land because it's cheap. The red and white fabric was about 7 pounds all together and I've managed to make 2 large stockings and still have material left over. 

-Draw your stocking shape onto a sheet of newspaper.
-Pin it to your main fabric.
-Cut it out.

Remember to make the shape bigger than what you actually want to allow stitching room. 

 -Cut a section of fleece out for the top of your stocking. The amount you want to cover is up to you but make sure the width is the same and add a few extra centimeters at the top so you can fold it over. 
-Pin this to the top of your stocking, leaving an extra few centimeters hanging over the top.
-Fold the extra fabric over and pin it. 
-Using white thread and a running stitch, stitch the fleece onto your stocking shape. (I always double up my thread for extra strength)
-Remove pins

Make sure you make your stitches really small so they'll appear invisible. If you're not sure on types of hand stitching click here

-Repeat the previous steps again to create the other half of your stocking. Make sure you do it the opposite way so that both halves match up. 

-Use your newspaper stocking shape as a guide, to create another shape, for the fleece section of the stockings heel.
-Pin this to the fleece and cut it out. 
-Repeat this process to create a fleece shape for the stockings toes. 

-Pin these 2 sections onto your stocking shape.
-Stitch them using white thread and a running stitch.
Remove pins.
-Repeat the previous steps for the other half of your stocking, making sure that it's opposite to the first half. 

-When both halves are complete turn them towards each other and pin together. Sewing it inside out will give you a nice seam with no visible stitching.  
-Sew the 2 halves together using a whipstitch. Remember to change thread colour when appropriate.
-Use your cord to create a loop a few centimeters from the top of your stocking. 
-So this on. I didn't use a proper technique for this part I just kept pushing the needle and thread through the cord and then the fabric multiple times until it felt sturdy enough. 

-Turn back the right way again.
 -Decorate how you wish. 

Ta da! A homemade Christmas stocking!

Now I chose to write his initial, in gold glitter glue, to decorate but have fun with it and make it your own! How would you decorate yours? Let me know!

Neeks x

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