Friday, 20 September 2013

Religiously Worn..


Like many of you, I have a few items that I wear every single day without fail! & on the rare occasion I don't or can't wear them, I feel naked, it's the same feeling I get if I forget my phone (agr) For you it may be a necklace, an anklet or even a festival wrist band, that you refuse to remove even when work insists. For me, it's my ring, watch and bracelet... 

I've had this bracelet for years, my dad got it for me when he was visiting family, in Turkey. I wear it everyday (as you can see from the scratched paint!) it's a sort of good luck charm, even though I'm not a strong believer of luck, I do feel more secure when I'm wearing it! 

My elephant watch was a present from my boyfriend. He got it from Urban Outfitters (£22 I think) I had been wearing my sisters Hello Kitty watch (she's 5) so I could tell the time at work, but when I saw this I absolutely fell in love with it! Mainly because it has an elephant on it (elephants are one of my favorite animals) I love how intelligent and nurturing they are. When I wear this, I can't help but think of the special person that gave it to me and it also reminds me to be calm and graceful, just like an elephant. 

My Pandora ring, is a birth stone ring for March (£45). The stone is silver/ Aquamarine and it is supposed to symbolize peace and serenity, a lot of people like to use it for meditating and some people think that it can help calm nerves. Apparently sailors would carry it with them in belief that it would protect them from the harsh ocean waters. I don't know if this is true or not, but it's a nice story none the less!

So there we have it, my religiously worn items, what are yours? 

Neeks x

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