Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn Tag


I haven't actually done a tag yet, but as it's raining outside, I've been reading other people's blogs/ tags they've done and it seems like a fun little thing to do. So, here we go! 

Favorite thing about Autumn?

Autumn is probably my favorite season, it's cold enough to wear a nice leather jacket, over a nice dress, with boots. But it's not so cold that you have to wrap up in a big winter coat. My favorite thing about it is how beautiful all the leaves look, deep reds, oranges and ambers have a very comfy/ homely feel.  

Favorite drink?

A cuppa tea! Nothing beats it, I do really love hot chocolate and vanilla or cinnamon chai but I think it's a bit too early for that, they're deffo Winter/ Christmassy drinks for me. 

Favorite scent/ candle?

Me and my boyfriend are big candle lovers and are always burning incense (all year round) so I don't really have an 'Autumn fav' as such, but if I had to choose probably Muji's tin candle in 'Hinoki Wood' (£3.50) it's amazingggg. 

Best lipstick?

Pink is very in this Autumn so that's a must have but I am still in love with plum lipsticks, especially L'Oreal Colour Riche Intense in 290 Plum Passion. With a gentle smokey eye it's easy to wear and puts a modern spin on the classic 1920's look. You can see what the lipstick looks like by reading my review.. http://justneeks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/on-go-make-up-review-loreal-color-riche.html

Go to moisturiser?

I naturally have quite oily skin so usually go for a mattifying moisturiser. However, Autumn is the season where everything starts getting colder and it can be quite drying for my skin, so I change to a combination moisturiser, to keep the balance. My favorite set of moisturisers are from the Garnier Moisture Match range, which you can read a bit about here.. http://justneeks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/review-garnier-moisture-match.html

Go to colours for the eyes?

For day time, a simple brown smokey eye never fails. I have green eyes, fair skin and ginger hair so it compliments me really well and fits in perfectly with the season. If I am going out bronzes and golds work a treat too but you need to be careful not to look too Christmassy! 

Favorite singer/ band/ music to listen to?

It's not like I have an 'Autumn playlist' but I do tend to drift away from the generic summery/ feel good songs that people tend listen to on holiday, BBQ's, the beach or on a night out. My favirout songs at the moment are..

Favorite outfit to wear? 

I don't necessarily have a fav, but layering is essential, especially in Autumn. I don't actually own this outfit, I just wore it in a fashion show, and it's definitely inspired my autumn wardrobe!

Coat- Next £70
Blouse- Next- £18
2 tone jeans- Next- £28
Boots- New Look- £25
Hat/ Necklace- Accessorize- (unknown sorry!)

Autumn treat? 
A new jacket or pair of boots! I like to buy things that are versatile so I can wear them with lot's of different outfits. I've had my eye on a Harrington jacket, that I saw in a vintage shop, so may have to treat myself to that. It's not exactly 'on trend' but if it's vintage and you can work it, who cares right? I'm sure with a leather trip top, tartan shorts and boots it will look fab! I also really like blushers and usually treat myself at this time of year to maintain a healthy glow.  

Favorite place to be? 
At home, curled up on the sofa, watching telly! Or outside (if it's not raining) on a nice walk so I can admire the autumn scenery. 

Well that's it, the 'Autumn tag' what are your favorite things about Autumn?

Neeks x


  1. Lovely post. Autumn is my favourite season and i love reading these! I love the fact that you can wear jumpers and jackets without being to hot/cold. I love the colours and the crispness in the air x


  2. Thankyou! and yeah me too, they're a nice easy read :) just checked out your blog, it's really good so I've followed it on bloglovin x