Monday, 26 August 2013

Pay Day Wishlist #1


I'm sure most of you are feeling the stress of the 5 week month. This month I have been working 2 jobs and haven't had a lot to show for it, as I haven't been paid yet, but with pay day just around the corner! I thought I'd make myself a little wish list and treat myself to a couple of bits. 

1)      Urban Outfitters Ecote Holly Hobby Cami- £30
I was shopping, with my boyfriend, absolutely aaaaages ago when I saw this. I fell in love with it straight away, the ethnic-y pattern, the dark colours; it is just my kinda thing! I couldn’t buy it at the time, but I think it’s quite versatile so may have to treat myself to a new ‘going to uni’ top!

2)      Pandora Sterling Silver Heart Ring- £35
I bought a ring very similar to this, from River Island, but after just a few weeks it lost its colour.  I don’t know why I was surprised (it was only a couple of quid) but I saw my friend Emma wearing this Pandora one and thought it would be the perfect replacement. I have a Pandora bracelet already, so I know the quality of the brand is good and let’s face it, silver goes with practically anything!

3)      Pandora Silver & Aquamarine March Birthstone Ring- £40
Yet another Pandora ring… I don’t know what my obsession with rings is lately! But this birthstone ring is so cute, I’m lucky enough to actually like the colour of my birthstone and whether this is true (or not) it’s supposed to represent courage, which I thought was rather nice!

4)      Essie Matte About You- £8.99 (Boots)
So I was getting Shellac done in a nail bar and they painted this lady’s nails MATTE PINK.. I’m not sure if it’s a new thing or not but it looked really cool, much nicer than glossy nails. He told me that Essie make a top coat that turns any nail polish matte, definitely worth a try!

5)      Benefit They’re Real!- £19.50 for 1 & ½ (Debenhams)
Okay so I haven’t actually tried this mascara before, partly because everyone was going on about it and I didn’t want to ‘conform’ but also because I have been using the same mascara (that I love) for about 5 years and would feel guilty if I parted with it. However, I realised my silliness and Debenhams are offering 1 & ½ bottles for the normal price of 1 and I reallyyyy want to see if this mascara is as good as everyone says!

6)      Christina Aguilera Original Eau De Parfum- £19.66 50ml (Boots)
If you read my ‘A £3.99 Fragrance’ entry, you will know that I have run out of all my lovely perfumes. Usually I am a Diesel/ Armani/ Vera Wang kinda gal but I do actually like some celebrity fragrances. Along with JLo Glo, this perfume is one of my favs. I have probably re-purchased it about 3 times and it is a lot cheaper than other perfumes. It’s quite a sensual fragrance and as it’s eau de parfum (not eau de toilette) it lasts ages.

So there you have it, my pay day wish list! I’m not going to go crazy and buy all of this stuff but I don’t see anything wrong in treating yourself to a couple of nice bits now and again!

Neeks x

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