Wednesday, 21 August 2013

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Quad REVIEW


Firstly, I would like to say that I am superrrr sorry for not blogging in ages! I’ve recently started a 2nd job that leaves me with hardly any time at all *sad face* but I will be blogging whenever I have the chance *happy face*. So today’s entry is a review on the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Quad in 'E4 Marron Glace'. L’Oreal says on the Boots website that the shadows, in the quad, are ‘perfectly matched’, ‘easy to use’ and it will ‘make your eyes look their biggest, brightest and most attractive’. Pretty bold statements to make so I thought I’d try it. 

£7.99- Boots
I reallyyy like the look of the packaging, the shape of the product is nice, the gold mirror boarder looks classy and the way they’ve puzzled the shadows together looks really good. However, when you feel it it’s quite plastic-y and light, which makes me think that it could easily break in my make-up bag. 

So what do you get? Each quad has a different set of 4, you just need to pick the one that you think will suit you best. They are supposed to be a base, crease, outer corner and highlighter. Looking at them, the mid-brown and dark brown look quite matte and the grey and highlight just look a bit shimmery but let me tell you, the highlight is glittery! In fact, so glittery that I had to take off all my make-up and start again because it had fallen all over my face and into my eyebrows. Trust me, it was definitley not one of those 'just brush it off with a powder brush moments' this was a '-_- where's the face wipes' moment.
Although, it looks good when you first buy it, after one use, the shadows lift and fall onto all the shadows around it (big no no) it meant I had to clean it up every time I used it and it's nearly impossible to get it completely clean. The double ended sponge is good as one end is rounded and the other is angled, to so you can be more accurate. I did use it once but still prefer my trusty make-up brushes. 

On the back it has a tiny (really tiny) diagram. They’ve labelled the shadows 1-4 and showed you where you’re supposed to put them. Okay, this is actually a good idea for those who haven’t really experimented with make-up before but if someone applied the highlighter, the way L'Oreal have explained, they would literally end up with a line of glitter. Also, I don't think, L'Oreal have taken into consideration then some people have less eye lid, or a deeper crease to work with, so that could be quite tricky for them. 

I decided to apply it my own way, without their highlight. I applied the grey as a base, the brown in the crease and the darker brown in the outer corner. The colours do actually blend really well and it's build-able so easy to turn from a day look, to night time. 

Overall, I do like how it looks but it definitely isn't the easiest quad I have used , so I wouldn't recommend it to someone who wants something quick and easy. The colours are matched well, so I'll give L'Oreal that, but it didn't make my eyes the  'biggest, brightest and most attractive' I wasn't expecting miracles or anything but I probably won't be re-purchasing this. 

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  1. what a pretty neutral quad.. great eye look too!

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    1. Thanks :) you're right it is pretty, just not one of my favs!