Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Easy Stripey Nails


This is a really simple way to create a colourful and fun nail design that can be used on any length or shaped nail.

17 High Gloss (Red) £2.99- Boots
Barry M Nail Paint (Yellow) £2.99- Boots
Barry M Nail Paint (Cyan Blue) £2.99- Boots
Barry M Nail Paint (Spring Green) £2.99- Boots
Nail Art Pen £2 for 2- Primark
You can choose any colours you want but I chose red, yellow, blue and green with white stripes. It's best to apply a base coat to your nails first to prevent the polish from staining them. 

Paint your nails with your chosen polishes. Personally I like Barry M Nail Paints because they're not expensive and usually only need one coat. Allow this to fully dry to prevent streaking. 

Now paint vertical stripes. You can have thin or thick ones, depending on how steady your hand is and how you like them. I rushed these and my hands aren't steady but never the less, I still like the design! Let these dry and apply a glossy top coat to prevent chipping. 

Happy stripey nails! 

Neeks x

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