Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A £3.99 Fragrance...


Today was a sad today, I was getting ready to meet my friend Emma, I reached for my perfume, released the fragrance, and realised.. it was nearly empty. I don't usually buy perfume because I normally get it for Christmas or birthdays, but it seemed my perfume supply had run out and since I can't afford to buy anymore, I accepted the fact that I would have to survive on a 99p body spray from superdrug. Until! I saw this...

Zara- Black Eau De Toilette 10ml- £3.99

I actually love this, it smells A LOT like 'Calvin Klein- Euphoria'. They both have the same 'oriental' theme, with woody and fruity elements. It is a small bottle but it's also only £3.99 so who's to complain? Plus it means I can carry it in my bag. I really like the roll on method, I can control the amount I use and be less wasteful (comon guys we've all over done it on the spraying before!). Zara does do other fragrances in this bottle, all of which you can purchase in full sized bottles, so this means you can try before you buy.

Overall this is a really good quality fragrance, in a cute little bottle, for £3.99. I needn't say more than that! 

Neeks x    

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