Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cute Dotty Nails


This is a really simple way to create a cute and colourful nail design that can be used on any length or shaped nail.

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour (So Simple) £6.00- Boots
Mua Nail Polish (Pistachio Ice Cream) £1.00- Superdrug
Barry M Nail Paint (Berry) £2.99- Boots
Beauty UK Glam Nails (Blue Moon) £1.99-
Fearne Cotton Nail Polish- Discontinued 
Nail Art Pen £2 for 2- Primark
You can choose any colours you like for this design. I chose pastel colours because I felt that it would go with a lot of my clothes and it's cute for the summer. I don't spend a lot on nail varnishes because if you have a decent top coat then it will keep even the cheapest polishes in place!

Paint your nails in the order that you wish. If you have chosen pastel colours then be aware that you may need to do a few more coats, so be patient. Also, if you're working on your left hand, start with the nail furthest away from you to prevent smudging as you go (vice verser).

Use the dotter at the end of the nail art pen to add dots to your nails. Let these dry fully before applying the top coat, the top coat will make them glossy and prevent chipping!

Happy dotty nails!

Neeks x

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