Friday, 28 June 2013

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser REVIEW


As much as I love to pamper myself with a moisture-enriched, lush smelling body lotion.. I often don't have the time. When I am getting ready for work, time is of the essence and I find that more often than not, my body lotion isn't completely dry by the time I get dressed. I then saw the advert for the in-shower body lotion by Nivea I felt like it spoke to me!

"Instantly absorbed into wet skin so you can get dressed and go!"
"Instantly rinsed off to reveal soft and silky feeling skin"
£3.39 promotional offer- Superdrug 

I think I got swept up in the advert and how it is the new efficient way to moisturise, so I didn't hesitate to buy it. However, it doesn't say anywhere that this product will hydrate your skin. All it says is that it will make your skin 'feel' soft, so I am starting to doubt this product.. I will do a follow up review with my final verdict but for now I will continue with what it did for me.

First of all it smelt AMAZING, if you like the smell of holidays and sun cream then you will love the smell of this. I followed the instructions by applying to wet skin, after cleansing, then I rinsed it with water. To my surprise, the texture was very similar to a cream face wash. When I dried off my skin  it was, as promised, silky smooth, and stayed that way all day.  

YES it does instantly transform your skin and YES I Would recommend this product, BUT will my opinion stay the same after using it over a few days? We shall see!

Neeks x

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