Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hollister Body Mist Review: LAGUNA BEACH, TIPPERS BEACH

Oh my I feel rubbish today, having a bad cold and cough really isn't ideal and the thought of attempting to leave the sofa fills me with dread, so a cuppa tea and 'Teen Mom 2' it is! Another thing I love about blogging: It is a way of being productive without actually having to get up! Anyway, today's review is...

Hollister body mists! 3 for 2 or £12 each (250ml). I usually use Boots own body mists, they do the job and at £2 I can't complain, especially when perfume is too expensive to use every day. *Walking through West Quay* there is THAT smell again. Every time I walk past Hollister I'm filled with the heavenly unique scent. So, the other week I decided to buy some body mist, in hope that I would smell just as amazing as the actual shop. 

Laguana Beach: The packaging is very nice, a tall slim bottle in the standard Hollister style. The liquid itself is a pale pink and matches the flowers on the design. I expected it to have a floral smell but the scent isn't very strong, it's fresh and clean but you can smell alcohol quite strongly when you first spray it. I decided not to use it on myself and to spray it around my room instead. 

Tippers Beach: Same packaging as the Laguana Beach body mist, it's just a darker pink. This one is a lot nicer than the other one. The fragrance is stronger, quite floral/ peachy and the smell of alcohol is a lot less intense. It's good for spraying on your clothes or around the house, as the fragrance lasts ages on fabric. It's also good to keep in your handbag, for a quick freshen up, throughout the day. I wouldn't use it to replace perfume as it isn't strong enough and doesn't last very long.  

Really disappointing isn't worth the price, wouldn't recommend it and it deffo doesn't make you smell like the Hollister shop! 

Love Neeks x

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