Monday, 24 June 2013


I get bored easily, I'm constantly looking for ways to entertain myself and today was no exception. As I was peering through the window, watching the same old scenery, I applied my lipstick & decided that I was going to start my make-up review on the train. 
(yes I did get a lot of strange looks from people watching me take photos of my lips, it must have been very bizarre for them)

The Lo'Real Color Riche lipstick comes in a beautiful shiny, gold case. It has a very classic look and clips shut so the lid doesn't pop off in my bag (a problem I'm sure we've all experienced!) It comes in a range of colours ranging from natural pinks to intense purples, so there is literally a shade for everyone!

The colour I chose was the 290 Plum Passion, from the intense range of 'made-for-me' make-up by Lo'Real. £8.19 in Boots. 

The lipstick has tiny little light reflecting pigments that aren't 'glittery' but do have a nice effect on the lips. They make your lips look luscious, healthy and shiny, without being glossy and sticky. The shape of the lipstick is very angular which is helpful when applying around the cupids bow. Lo-Real says '..contains Omega-3 oils and Vitimin E which help to protect and hydrate your lips'.

So this is what it looks like on! I absolutely love this lipstick and will be collecting this range for sure. My favorite thing about it is it has a balm-like texture when applying and doesn't go sticky over time. It takes a while to set, but once it has dried it stays on for ages. I applied it this morning at about 11 am and didn't need to re-apply until about 5 pm. Staying power is essential for me as I don't have time to touch up my lipstick throughout the day. The only flaw would be that it does transfer slightly even when dry.

It's hard to find a lipstick with an intense colour and great staying power, that doesn't dry out your lips but Lo'Real have done it! 

Love Neeks x

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