Sunday, 23 June 2013

Make-Up Storage: ICEbOX, Clear Cube, MUJI


This morning I was looking for a specific eyeliner that I haven't used in while. As a was rummaging through my black hole of a make-up drawer, it was brought to my attention that this wasn't working and I NEEDED to find a more efficient way of storing my make-up. 
I remembered seeing the Clear Cube, Kim Kardashian uses to store her make-up so I looked online to find it.

..Apologies for the badly selected photo's, as I haven't purchased any of these items yet imagery is v. limited!.. 

I instantly fell in love with these set of acrylic drawers, 'easy to clean', 'nice and glossy', 'I can see everything in it!' but then I saw the price and at £99 (cheapest) it was clear that I had to find something cheaper. 

I then found a similar product, the 'ICEbOX WIDE- available at'. The same thoughts came to mind & even better, 'this one has compartments and a lid!' I tried to find a uk website that sold this but the sherrieblossom website seemed to be the only place on the net that it was available and at a  staggering $395. Umm. Noooooooo. 

After spending over an hour hunting for the cheaper alternative to the Clear Cube and ICEbOX, I finally find, the MUJI acrylic drawers available online and in store for £24.99. Was this to good to be true?! The range has other similar products available that you can stack and put together to create your perfect storage space. 
So on that note, I will be purchasing one of these and will do a full review of the product and how I (eventually) manage to store my make-up.

Anybody else have any unique and inexpensive ways to store your make-up?

Love Neeks x


  1. Did you ever update your blog about these?


      Updated :)