Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Top 3 Micellar Waters

You may have read my Soap & Glory Micellar Water Review and after positive feedback, I thought I'd share my favourite bunch of Micellar cleansers with all you wonderful beauty addicts! I've previously mentioned that I find, along with many, that make-up removal can be a tiresome task. But since the 2015 micellar explosion, I've been converted and unless something miraculous emerges, I don't think I'll be reaching for your average Joe make-up remover any time soon... It's simple, easy and most importantly, fast! Prices vary from a couple of quid to £20 plus (?!) but is there really a significant difference between the brands? I feel like I've tried every version of Micellar water from Bioderma to Simple but it's safe to say that these are my top three! 

I'm currently on my third bottle of this magical 'de-clog water' and since using it my skin is more supple, less irritated and clearer (probably because it actually removes each spec of make-up). It also contains vitamin A and C; well renowned goodness for healthier, younger looking skin and it's infused with a variety of beneficial juices such as, cucumber which leaves your skin feeling fresh and aloe vera to soothe and hydrate. I must admit I do like scented products and this has a fresh cucumber and peach fragrance; which I love! In fact, I like it so much I actually look forward to removing my make-up now and the best aspect is it leaves no residue or make-up traces just fresh, clean skin. 

This hypoallergenic non-oily cleansing water easily removes make-up and impurities, without vigorous rubbing. It's not a complex solution, with added vitamins but it does exactly what it says on the tin; removes make-up. This product comes in a generous 400ml bottle (or travel sized) so I found it lasted absolutely ages! Plus, it's fragrance free so perfect for those with sensitive skin. I find it easily removes even waterproof mascara, without causing irritation to the eye area and there's no need to rinse. I also found my skin was mattified after each use so for all my fellow oil-skin sufferers, this product is definitely worth a try!

At just a few quid a bottle, this is the most affordable product so if your watching the pennies, this won't break the bank! I would recommend this to young/ teenage skin and those with normal/ sensitive skin as it's gentle formula soothes and hydrates as it cleanses. Similarly, to my other to favs, it gently removes make-up quickly and efficiently. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean after use but I do find I have to use more of this product than other Micellar waters I've tried.

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