Monday, 15 August 2016

*Envy Hair Studio- Organic Color Systems

 It's fair to say that most of us, have jumped in the deep end by giving ourselves a complete re-vamp, by switching up our hair colour and it's no wonder, when the media floods our intrigued eyes with luscious locks that dare us to be different! From Rihanna red to the ombre explosion, more and more of us are looking for a re-style but of course, it's not just our bank accounts that pay for it, it's our delicate tresses... Organic Color Systems is an innovative, nourishing hair colouring brand that delivers long lasting, high quality colour whilst looking after your hair in the process! 

So, how does it work? Each product, from the range, is specially formulated with minimum chemicals (no nasty ammonia or parabens!) and packed with organic certified ingredients; proven to improve the condition of your hair. Their natural reconstructing shampoos gently open the hair cuticles, so colour is more easily absorbed. The nourishing conditioners then, completely close the hair cuticles, locking in colour and restoring the hair to it's natural PH level. So, it appears, there really is a way to achieve long lasting, beautiful colour, without damaging your beloved locks!

I visited Envy Hair Studio, for an 'Organic Color Systems' deep conditioning treatment and was greeted with a warm welcome, from a team of happy and knowledgeable stylists, who were very informative and open to answer any questions I may have. The salon itself, oozed positive vibes and self expression; you can tell they genuinely care and look after their clients, as well as truly believing in their brand and the products. My lovely stylist, Rebecca (salon owner) began by completing the reliable 'stretch test' on my hair, to determine which products were needed, to restore my hair to it's best! The verdict? 'Power Build'.

Power Build includes the best natural ingredients, such as sunflower seed, lemon, apple and green tea extracts: proven to repair hair and replenish strength, as well as restoring shine and suppleness. The conditioner and deep treatment, not only enhances colour retention, but also contains essential protein and vitamin B5, to significantly restore damaged hair and split ends. Rebecca used the Power Build shampoo and conditioner, followed by 15 minutes of relaxation, whilst the organic Power Build treatment restored the quality of my hair from root to tips. It smells delicious and didn't feel sticky or heavy at all...I love the concept of using natural ingredients and strongly believe, the results are incomparable with products formulated from synthetic ingredients.

Surprisingly, unlike other brands I've tried, the treatment didn't weigh my hair down at all and I left the salon feeling confident with (what felt like) brand new locks, with a voluminous bounce and healthy shine! It's been a few days, since the experience, but my hair is still feeling softer and healthier than it's ever felt! It's safe to say, I fully trust Organic Color Systems products and would recommend them to anyone, who's looking to colour their hair, or simply after a nourishing treatment. Thank you Envy Hair Studio! 

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