Sunday, 6 April 2014

Maybelline BROWdrama Sculpting Mascara


Let's start with a little background info on my brows. Being a natural red head I'm subject to the annoyance of having translucent eyebrows that in no way shape or form provide a frame for my face. They've always needed a little assistance but the hassle of getting them tinted every 4 weeks means that I had to befriend the trusty brow pencil. Don't get me wrong, this works fine but when humidity or a careless touch to the face strikes again it leaves me on a continuous search to find a better alternative. 

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara promises a 'a long-wearing formula that won't streak, clump or flake' for a 'natural  finish'. I was really excited to try this as I thought a more natural effect would be better for the summertime but to tell you the truth I was a bit disappointed. After umming and arring I felt compelled to buy the  'dark blonde' shade as the brown was way to dark for me. I got the impression that it would be really easy to apply but on my first attempt I actually had rub it off and start all over again. Baring in mind, I'm pretty make-up savvy and usually brows are a piece of cake, I felt the small mascara brush with the rounded end made it more difficult than it had to be. For me, in order to achieve the even, streak free coat, that Maybelline promised,  I actually had to spend a good 7 minutes on them and despite all that effort I didn't think it was worth it for the result I got.

It's not all that bad through! It does stay on all day, doesn't clump or flake, and it does provide a natural finish but for me it was just too natural and barely noticeable. I did attempt to add more product to see if that made a difference but unfortunately it just made matters worse and once it dried I was left with crispy eye brows (eww). If you already have well shaped, dark brows I would imagine this would actually be a good product for you because you wouldn't need to use it to actually 'colour' your brows and the sculpting aspect is actually rather good, however, for us fair haired ladies it simply isn't enough to use it on it's own. 

After a few more attempts to get the best out of this product I finally started to shape my brows with a pencil first and then add the mascara over the top to seal it in. This seems to work quite nicely and despite being dissapointed in the product, overall, if you have the right kind of brows and are looking for a quick polish this mascara is the ideal product for you and could potentially work wonders! 

Wax, powder, pencil, gel or mascara? How do you shape your brows?

Neeks x 

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