Wednesday, 9 April 2014

March Favs


So here we are on the 9th of April, oh how time fly's by! In all fairness despite still feeling the wntery blues, at the beginning of the month, it wasn't long before the weather seemed to feel that little bit warmer and of course the clocks went forward which means longer evenings (Yay!) I don't know about you but leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark feels miserable, a nice spring walk with my ipod in makes all the difference. All in all March was a pretty good month for me and as it came to an end my birthday arrived and I'm very happy to say that I celebrated it with all my favorite people. 

So to kickoff today's post let's begin with our first March favorite Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder. I'm sure you're all aware of Bourjois famous chocolate bronzing powder and for good reason to! It's light to medium shade is perfect for my complexion and even if I've applied tan it seems to adapt to my skin tone. It doesn't look orange and blends really easily, not to mention it looks and smells like chocolate. It's definite my go-to bronzer for this time of year, it gives me that natural glow and reminds me that the warm weather isn't too far away. Speaking of which, bright lips are a key spring 2014 trend. Bright oranges and pinks seem to be flooding the covers of my magazines. Okay so I know I sound like a bit of a stuck record here but I really am addicted to lipsticks and this month was no exception. Marches choice of lippy was Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick. Pink punch is a bright redish fuchsia, almost matte, with a healthy shine. This lipstick doesn't last as long as some other brands but it does have a fair amount of life to it and does fade nicely throughout the day. My lips feel hydrated and the vibrant colour is perfect for spring. I also purchased Hollywood Red  (you can never have too many red lipsticks right?) although this isn't exactly on trend it's probably one of the classiest lipsticks I've ever had and because it's not so 'in your face' it makes it easy to wear on a day to day. 

If you happened to read my Sunny Saturday's #1 post you'd see that I purchased the Body Shop Strawberry Hand Cleanser on a nice little trip to Gunwarf Quays. When I first opened it the smell of alchol seemed quite strong but after that all I could smell was yummy strawberries. All I could think of was devouring juicy strawberries in a nice sunny field somewhere. Definitely enough to get me into the spring mood and it doesn't dry out my hands like a lot of other hand sanitisers do. Let's just say I will be going back to see what other luscious flavours they have. On my trip I also purchased Body Shop Vitamin E Day Cream. I've been using this religiously since I bought it; as I have combination skin I always find it difficult to find a hydrating moisturiser that doesn't make my skin oily but this one absorbs instantly leaving my skin perfectly prepped for make-up application. It doesn't make me feel oily and I've definitely noticed an improvement in how supple and healthy my skin feels. Body Shop you've done well! Lastly on my list is a couple of skin products. Lastly on my skin care list, it's the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser ! I first mentioned this product in the Benefit POREfessional VS Maybelline Pore Eraser  post and I still stand by word. Since I've been using it I haven't touched Benefit's POREfessional and actually give it to my mum (she loves it) but if you're like me and trying to save some pennies it's worth a go. 

Saving the best til last I present you with my last March favorite L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil. Well I say it's my March favorite it's actually been a favorite of mine for a few months now. It's the best hair oil I've used to date. As you probably know I have quite fine hair so I need to be careful that products don't weight it down too much. And as we are all aware winter can take a harsh toll on our locks and sometimes we need to give them a little helping hand in restoring their shine. Not only does it give my hair a dazzling shine and feel super soft but it also smells lush, has UV filters and doesn't make my hair feel greasy! 

What's on your March favorites list?

Neeks x 

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