Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nicole Ingman- Tattoo Apprentice


Today's entry has a more creative flair and is a slightly different to my usual beauty inspired posts. My much loved and very inventive friend Nicole Ingman just landed her dream job as a tattoo apprentice at Indelible INK (Gosport). I just wanted to take the time to dedicate a post to her creative illustrations as her unique cocktail of animals and bright colours reflect her passionate personality and love for nature. Ever since I've known her she's been truly devoted to her illustrations, even before the idea of becoming a tattoo artist sprung to mind. Nicole's visionary approach to her designs and attention to detail leave her finished pieces clear and vibrant, and let me tell you, this refreshing artist has an eye for symmetry! 

Nicole is currently doing commissioned illustration drawings for anybody that's interested, whether it's for a blog, tattoo or something else. You can follow her work and progression via Twitter and Facebook. So go on- share the love!

Neeks x