Friday, 22 November 2013

Topshop Nail Polish REVIEW


You know when you're browsing in one of your favorite shops,  stumble across something and think, 'why have I not bought this before?!' ladies and gentleman I give you Topshop nail polish! I know what you're thinking, this isn't a 'new' product but I've always been a Barry M nail paint kinda gal so thought I'd introduce a new family member to my nail polish collection. 

I was really excited by all the unusual shades and colours Topshop do that other brands don't seem to have, particularly 'carnival' (personally I would've called it 'mangos' but there we go..) so I bought it!

Topshop- £5 (plus student discount if you're a student)

Sadly, I was really dissapointed *sad face*. The colour was great, but the actual nail polish was very runny and the brush was quite stiff which left my nails streaky. I had to apply 3 coats before I got a solid colour, which meant it took ages to dry. Not sure it's worth a fiver as my nails chipped after 1 day! (even with a top coat) pretty useless really as I need to be hands on at uni and work. 

I would say that I wouldn't buy Topshop nail polishes again but some colours seem to work better than others so I might purchase one more to give them a chance, it's a shame because I really like the shades they do but for now I think I'll be sticking to my Barry M's! Sorry Topshop!

Have you found the ultimate nail polish?

Neeks x

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