Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Best Of: Benefit Minis!


In the past couple of months I've somehow accumulated, one way or another, some adorable Benefit minis!. Now I love samples, I mean LOVE! Not just because they're fun-sized versions of already fab products, which obviously makes them instantly cute... but when shopping for cosmetics we're easy swayed by the immaculately presented counter girls, flashing their high-end products in glossy packaging, without having the opportunity to try the products out properly. Now I say 'properly' because sitting in a high chair with tremendous volumes of bright lights, whilst 'Abbey' dusts too much blusher on your cheeks isn't really a legitimate trial. So, out of the samples I've found myself with, I picked my favorite five! 

They're Real! Tinted Primer
Honestly, I probably wouldn't have bought this but after receiving this sample I'm tempted... It has the same brush as the They're Real! Mascara only the liquid isn't as thick. I have the brown one as I'm quite fair, so this is perfect for lazy Sunday's and the no make-up look. It separates and lengthens lashes, giving them a feathery appearance (love!) and when day turns to night, you can use your normal mascara over the top for instant oomph and volume, without clumping! It also prevents your mascara flaking so you can wave goodbye to those annoying little black specs, that annoyingly fall onto your cheeks. 

POREfessional License to Blot
I probably wouldn't purchase the full sized version as it's quite bulky and blotting papers would probably do the job just the same. Although, this sample sized anti-shine stick is handy to leave in your hand bag. If you're subject to oily skin, like myself, you'd know that it's no surprise to see a glint of shine across your T-Zone when you're half way through a hard days work or on the town with your friends. A quick touch up with this instant matifying balm is sure to keep the shine at bay. 

Puff Off!
This is my favorite sample of them all. I tend to use it when my eyes are looking tired, when I'm pampering myself or hungover. This tinted under eye gel instantly cools to de-puff eyes and 'irons out' any fine lines you may have. It's a rarity to find a product that lives up to it's claim of having instant results but in my experience, this one passed with flying colours. You can wear it on it's own, or under make-up. Personally, on my lazy days I pair this anti-puff gel with the They're Real! Tinted primer, for a fresh look.

They're Real! Push-Up Liner 
I was so pleased to receive this sample in my monthly Birchbox because I've always wanted to try this. I wear eye liner most days but after reading mixed reviews I've been hesitant to buying it. The first thing that stood out for me was it's flexible tip, something which I've not seen with other push up liners and it definitely does make application easier. It's a cross between a cream and a gel in consistency, which is perfect for smudging, if you're doing a smokey eye or even a more natural look however, I found it difficult to get a clean, slim line making flicks a little harder to achieve. 

Dream Screen
So there's an invisible, oil free sun screen that doesn't make you feel sticky or have that notorious sun screen smell! Who knew? I mean some people may feel that SPF 45 is a little excessive but personally I disagree... When it comes to looking after your skin, under the harsh rays of the sun, you can still tan even when wearing SPF. It is SO important to protect your skin from dark spots, premature aging and yes, Cancer. This instantly matifying sun screen is really designed for your face however, since most tinted moisturisers/ foundations etc. contain SPF I've been using it on visible areas of my skin such as my neck, shoulders and chest. It absorbs instantly, leaving skin super silky and protected so no excuses! 



  1. I love the They're Real Push-Up Liner. It is one of my favourites! I have also tried the Puff Off eye gel and was really impressed! Great post! x


    1. Thanks Karolina! You have a great blog! I've followed you on Blog Lovin x