Monday, 3 August 2015

The Best Of: Bourjois


Without a shadow of a doubt, Bourjois is by FAR my No.1 high street make-up brand and for me, it's a no brainer. I mean, what woman wouldn't love high quality and affordable cosmetics that unleash your inner Parisian? So I figured it was about time Bourjois got a well deserved shout out on my blog and although I could happily write many wonderful things about most of their products it's probably best if I just stick to my ultimate favs...   

It's no mystery as to why this is a much loved foundation across the beauty blogging world. This light weight, medium coverage foundation gives you a radiant and flawless complexion for up to 16 hours. Plus it's enriched with 'fruit therapy' to keep your skin youthful, healthy and hydrated. Now normally I steer clear from 'illuminating' foundations, as I have quite oily skin and the outcome can be disastrous! But this foundation is an exception of it's own and universally perfect for all skin types.  

This foundation includes all the best features of the original Radiance Reveal including 16 hour wear and vitamin rich 'fruit therapybut has a gel like texture that glides across your skin for an even complexion and anti-fatigue effect. This is a great foundation for the summer months when it's warmer and you don't want anything too heavy on your face. It has a very natural finish and gives you the boost you need when you're dragging yourself into work after a wild weekend.  

I recently purchased the beaut on 3 for 2 offer. I don't normally venture too far with primers as I do have some trusty go-to's but Bourjois certainly showed me what I am missing. This feather light primer almost disappears instantly when applied onto skin and provides a velvety smooth base for your foundation. I was pleasantly surprised as it minimised my pores which so far only Benefit Porefessional and Maybelline Baby Skin have been able to do. Additionally it keeps my make-up on all day and prevents my face from getting too oily or shiny. 

Or as most people call it... ''Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer''. I know I'm starting to sound like a stuck record, as this bronzer is mentioned in most of my make-up posts, so don't worry I'll keep this short and sweet. Aside from the fact this smells like chocolate, yes chocolate. This ultra soft bronzer is perfect for that must have summer glow and it can even be used to contour. I love using this because it's build-able and blends so evenly you can't go wrong! As you can see I'm naturally really pale and as a pale girl it's really hard to find a bronzer that doesn't make me look orange (fellow red heads you know what I'm sayin') However, this divine powder perfection allows me to bronze happy without fear of looking like an Oompa Loompa. 

This long lasting concealer is perfect for concealing imperfections naturally. Sometimes when you try and cover dark circles or blemishes, with a heavy duty concealer, it can have an adverse affect and accentuate the problem further. This yellow based, concentrated concealer disguises dark circles and imperfections in a natural way, whilst providing essential 'fruit therapy', the apricot provides radiance, the melon leaves skin moisturised and the raspberry acts as a 'micro-circulation activator' (I don't know what that means either) BUT after using the product for a few days the puffy-ness under my eyes was noticeably reduced and, due to it's subtle light reflecting pigment, I did feel my skin looked more radiant and glowey. 

Let's head back to 1879 when Bourjois launched a best selling cult classic. Now, as Bourjois celebrates it's 150th birthday the Java Rice powder is re-born! The packaging initially drew me towards this product so when I found out the lid is a replica of the original 1879 packaging I was left in awe of it. It's one of the finest powders I have ever come across and although translucent, it contains different tones. This delicately scented powder sets make-up perfectly and can also be used to add shimmer to your cheek bones leaving you with a beautiful glow. One shade suits all but just bare in a mind, use sparingly, you don't want to end up looking like a disco ball!

I kinda feel bad for writing about this one as I'm 80% sure it's been discontinued (boo). I mean it's not been in any Boots or Superdrug's in ages and isn't available online so? If anyone has any more info or knows where you can buy this please share! This eye liner was inspired by the revolutionary art technique of Pointillism (Dotting). This 24 hour eye liner has three separate points that create dots on your lash line. These dots then join together in one easy, fail proof application. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you've got the hang of it fine lines and winged eyes are a breeze.   

If I'm getting ready for a big night out I will always reach for this baby. It's exactly like a felt tip pen and allows you to create thin, thick, soft or bold strokes like a pro! It's one of the easiest liquid eye liners I've ever used and is completely jet black with no grey streaks. This eye liner is sure to stay smudge proof and lasts 24 hours so you can dance the night away without risking the appearance of the dreaded panda eyes!



  1. Love these bourjois picks! I love their healthy mix serum and happy light primer too! After reading this I think I'm gonna have to try out their healthy mix concealer next!

    Danielle | Simplicity Rose x

    1. Thanks Danielle! I would definitely recommend the Healthy Mix concealer!
      P.S Just followed you on BL <3