Thursday, 7 May 2015

''Just Keep Swimming''

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You've probably noticed that I've been aiming to write more lifestyle/ well being posts recently. It's a topic that's very close to my heart and I want to share anything that I feel could possibly make a positive difference to someone. When I was a teenager, I had my first heartbreak and I genuinely thought I would never get over it. Thankfully, I had an amazing support network and came out a happier, stronger and wiser person. At the time, my mum told me a story about a rotten old plank and an island... it was a nice analogy but my lost teenage self didn't really understand it fully. However as an adult, whenever I am facing an issue, I remind myself of this story and you'll soon see why. 

Let's go on a journey...  

Imagine you're on a cruise ship,  sailing through the ocean, enjoying the scenery. It's fun for a moment, but soon enough the rocky waves cause it to sink and you are the only survivor. It's just you, the vast ocean and an old plank of wood (like on Titanic). You naturally think the rotten old plank is keeping you afloat, despite the fact it's filled with holes, disintegrating beneath you and covered in slimy sea weed (gross). You're exhausted, mentally and physically, but you continue to cling on; in  a desperate hope that you'll be rescued. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately nobody is going to come and save you. There's no helicopter searching, no life boat on the look out and no hunky life guard is going to magically find you, wrap you in a blanket and make you a hot chocolate. You have to take control and save yourself! 

If you look in the distance, there's a tropical island (hooray!). It's golden sand is glowing beneath the raise of the white sun, there's delicious coconuts, mile high palm trees and flourishing vibrant flowers. Graceful dolphins are diving through the boundless crystal blue waters whilst multi-coloured exotic birds sore through the warm sky. Suddenly, the mouldy plank you've been clinging onto, doesn't look so appealing anymore. You wanna be on the tropical island and you CAN get there however, there's a but, a big BUT; you gotta let go of the rotten plank. It's a big risk, I mean letting go of the one thing that's seemingly keeping you alive? That takes guts... But deep down inside you know that if you don't take the risk, the plank will continue to rot away and you will drown. The waves are rocky, it's freezing cold and yeah it will be tough but you gotta swim to the island!   

Take a moment to think about what your mouldy plank could be. It could be a boyfriend, job, debt, colleague or even an addiction. Whatever tough situation you find yourself in will have a plank but there is always a paradise waiting for you. I've seen a lot of people close to me in tough relationships, relationships that could be seen as controlling and even abusive. It's sad because if any of you have seen 'Beaten by My Boyfriend' you'll know how easy it is for a happy relationship to turn sour and how tough it can be for the unhappy person to leave. 'He loves me', 'I don't want to be alone', 'I'll never find anyone else', 'I'm scared'. I've heard these responses a thousand times and it never ends well. 

The point I'm trying to make is if you find yourself in an unhappy situation, the only way to make things better, is to change something! Yeah change is scary (trust me I know) but change can also be a great thing that contributes towards your physical and mental well being, and when you come out on the other side, you'll feel more confident. Letting go of that rotten old plank might be the hardest thing you ever do, but once you're free, you're on your way to that joyful island. Of course it will be tough at first but as you continue to swim you will get stronger, more determined and before you know it you'll be sipping a Pina Colada, on a tropical paradise, thinking 'I am so fricken glad I let go of that plank! I could have drowned!' (phew). Remember, you are worth more than a rotten old plank, you're worth an island! And deserve to be happy.

''Just Keep Swimming'' 


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