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10 Life Lessons I Learnt By 21

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Lately I've been finding myself gravitating to more and more life posts. The main ones have been the likes of 'Things I wish I Knew In My Teens' and 'What I've Learnt In My Twenties'. So, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and write one of my own. I'm not hear to preach but just share my experiences and what I've learnt. We all need reminding and a fresh outlook sometimes so without further ado, here's some of the life lessons, I learnt by the age of 21. 

1. Your parents were right.
About everything. That boy they said was bad news? That 'friend' that screwed you over? The job you should have applied for and that gig you shoulda gone to... The main thing I've learnt since leaving the nest is that my parents were right about everything. Teenagers are notorious for not listening to their parents, in one way or another, and in some respects I wish I listened to them more often. Your parents are only doing their best to protect you and educate you about things, that perhaps, they didn't know. Bottom line is they care about you more than anyone else and only want you to be happy. 

2. Spend money on experiences not things.
This is something I've only recently learnt and I'm not ashamed to say that I do like to own nice things. We all do right? But getting the balance is important and yeah that cute Topshop dress you just 'had to get' will make you feel good for two or three nights out, but you know, inevitably you'll leave it to gather dust with the others. If you spend your money on experiences, it's not only essential for personal growth, but the memories will last forever. 

3. Nobody knows what the hell they're doing; everybody is just wingin' it!
This is a BIG one for me. As you know I've always been a V. anxious person and the main thing that tips me over the edge is the fear of the unknown (dun dun DUN). I used to worry about what I was gonna do with my life until it made me ill. **Everyone is on the right path. Everyone is more successful than me. I'm getting nowhere in life** Woah, slow down! Nobody knows that the hell they're doing, even if it comes across like they do. You have your own individual life path, which cannot be compared to others, and although you may be unsure now, it will all come together in the end. 

4. Be nice to your siblings.
They are your main connection to your child hood and the home in which you were nurtured in. Get to know them, hang out. You may surprise yourself and realise that you're more alike than your first imagined. Not only that but it would mean the world to your parents. 

5. Be your own best friend.
As you move through your teens and enter your early twenties you're confronted with so many challenges that it's easy to lose touch with yourself. Get to know YOU, find out your likes, dislikes, values and what you want. Nobody is responsible for your own happiness but you. Ultimately you're stuck with yourself to the end, so you might as well be kind to yourself and learn to enjoy your own company. 

6. Learn to cook.
Growing up, I would now and again, help my parents with the dinner. To me it was a chore but to them they were teaching me vital life skills that I didn't think I needed (at the time). Since living on my own it quickly came to light that living on pasta, takeaway's and crap you can bung in the oven is just not feasible. Learning to cook is an essential life skill which will make you feel better inside and look better outside. Not only that but proper planning can also help you save money. 

7. Enjoy your youth.
This is the ONE time in your whole life where officially you are allowed to be selfish. Although you have a set of responsibilities like paying your rent and going to uni or work. Ultimately, within reason, this is the time where you can simply enjoy life. Party as much as you want, travel, try new things, be active, take up new hobbies, have lay ins and wear crop tops.   

8. Do things that scare you.
When I was at college I had the fab opportunity to go to Charles Fox, Covent Garden for some hands on work experience. The catch was, I needed to go up on the train, on my own, and stay with a relative I hardly knew. It may not sound like a big deal but for me it was HUGE and I was so terrified to get on the train that my Dad drove me up there so I wouldn't miss out (I'll never forget that). Anyways, it wasn't until I got their that I realised although I avoided getting the train I would soon have to face the great maze of London tubes. On my first day I felt suffocated by the busy atmosphere and missed three tubes because I was too polite to barge past people to get a spot. Long story short, by the end of the week, I was shoving people out the way with my hand bag! 

9. Don't feel bad.
I've said this before and I'll say it again; if you try and please everyone you're sure to please no-one. My close friend Nicole once told me 'being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting them to die' and since that day I've been made more and more aware that If you're holding a grudge or dwelling on angry feelings towards someone the only person that will be affected is yourself. Instead of wasting your time and energy simply don't socialise with that person anymore and don't feel bad for cutting negative people out of your life!

10. Don't compare yourself to others
Whether you're comparing beauty, talent, success or even relationships the end result will always be the same and you will always end up feeling bad about yourself. Focus on your own assets, ambitions and goals. I mean it's natural to feel envious of 'that girls hair' but don't let it get the better of you! 

 So those are the main life lessons I've learnt so far. What are yours?


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