Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Muji Make-Up Storage Review


 One word 'Tuesday'. Tuesday's are, without a shadow of a doubt,  the worst day of the week for me. Always have been, always will be ('cause I'm stubborn like that). It's what I call (Miranda fans- See what I did there?) a 'nothing day'. I mean from Wednesday onwards you've beat the half way mark and are on your way to the weekend but on Tuesday, it's ONLY TUESDAY. So, what better way to brighten up the worst day of the week than to write you a highly requested post...

For years I settled for random make-up bags I'd accumulated over the years and washed up Chinese takeaway boxes but then I saw Kim K's Icebox and immediately fell in love with it however; I didn't exactly fall in love with the price so I went on a mission to find a cheaper alternative.

Roneil and I were in London at the time and we happened to pass Muji. I'd read many posts/ reviews about Muji make-up storage so on that note, we ventured in. I bought the Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box (W:26cm x H :16cm x D:17.5cm). The first thing I noticed was how glossy and well finished it is, the corners are curved and the acrylic is quite thick which makes it sturdy. I also purchased some storage accessories and the Acrylic 2 Door Box (25.6 x D: 16.8 x H: 9.5cm) because I didn't feel the five drawer would be big enough, it's perfect really because the Muji drawers are stackable, which was really appealing. 

So when I got home the first thing I did was a big make-up sort, I arranged my current favorites in my new Muji drawers and archived the rest in my Charles Fox Bucket Bag. I usually have a little display of make-up brushes/ perfume etc on it but I took it all away so you could properly see the drawers for what they are. 

Drawers 1 & 2

As this is the first drawer, whatever I put in it will be on display constantly so I had to choose special product, and what could be more perfect than the my Urban Decay Naked 1,2,3 palettes. Now, these truly are my favorite palettes, They've got me through every occasion in life and even the glistening of the tins look pretty. Along with these I keep false eyelashes, glue, tweezers, single eye shadow pots etc. It's a bit of a miscellaneous eye product drawer 

Drawer 3

 In here I keep my eye/ brow products so all my trusty mascaras, eye liners, pencils, primers et. For a better word, my most important items. I figured I might as well put them under my Naked palettes, after all, they are under the same make-up umbrella. 

Drawers 4 & 5

I always feel like I'm not dressed if I'm not wearing lipstick, so these are definitely the drawers I look forward to opening most. In here I keep my favorite lipsticks, mostly plums, reds and nudes at the moment, I also keep lip balms, glosses and lip liners in here. I like to face the bottoms of the lipsticks to the front so I can easily see what colours I have and you'd be surprised at how many lipsticks you can fit in there... twenty five! I was rather impressed myself, I guess, the size of the drawers are pleasantly deceiving. 

Drawers 6 & 7

Now these drawers have the advantage of being taller so there is more room to put larger items in such as, foundation and high beam, as they don't fit in the regular five drawers. If you're looking to get make-up storage but want to start small I'd recommenced getting these to make sure you can fit bulky items in. I also haven't found a single make-up product that hasn't fit in here yet so you won't have to worry when make-up shopping! 

Overall, the Muji make-up storage has probably been the best cosmetic investment I've ever made. They look pretty, hold my make-up well and most importantly, easy to clean. I just use Mr. Sheen and a cloth to remove any marks and restore it's shine. Muji hold a vast range of acrylic storage which you can mix and match, I think it's reasonably priced for the quality and you can order everything online, the only down side is that the website is often out of stock so if you live near one, go to the store!  

How Do You Store Your Make-Up?

Neeks x

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