Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Common Cold Remedies


Blistering winds and and freezing showers have approached us yet again but no matter how many woolly layers we apply it's never enough to discourage the infamous common cold. However, when you've had spent a life time tackling this you soon learn that wrapping up, drinking plenty of water and eating well just isn't enough. Aside from that and taking cold & flu tablets there are a few products/ home remedies out there that I've found really useful.

Firstly, one word, Happinose. Corrie dizzybrunette3 recommended this to me when we were all blubbering from colds at work. I mean lets face it, when you blow your nose constantly for 3 days straight it's not gonna be pretty. Sore, red and dry skin? Mm lovely. Well this is when Happinose it a life saver! It's a soothing balm that replenishes your skin and contains a menthol decongestant to help blocked noses. Even after one use I noticed the difference, it doesn't smudge make up and it can even be used when you have hayfever! Of course Vaseline will do the trick but I honestly swear by this.

Now we all know what are Strepsils are how beneficial they can be but for someone who's not really a fan of 'honey and lemon' these strawberry ones work a treat. I mean you do have to pay an extra pound or so but when they're sugar free who's complaining. Also, a good home remedy for really chesty coughs is a home steam. Simply boil some water and pour into a bowl with a table spoon of honey then hold your head over the bowl (don't get too close) and place a towel over your head. The honey acts as a natural anti-bac and the steam will help to loosen any mucus so when you cough there will be less strain on your throat and it won't be as painful. This is also great for your skin as it unclogs your pores!

Okay so Carmex is a must have even if you don't have a cold, apply this underneath your lipstick everyday and say buh-bye to dry lips, come on ladies we've all seen that lipstick on dry, cracked lips is not exactly the best look. Carmex 'soothes, protects and moisturises' and comes in a variety of flavours. I always opt for strawberry however, it's slight downfall is although it smells gorgeous and keeps my lips healthy it doesn't actually taste of strawberries. And for that dry skin, gently exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush! Just be careful not to brush too hard or too often and always moisturise afterwards. 

And at last, we have the popular Vicks Vaporub, a light oil with eucalyptus and menthol to help calm coughs, relieve congestion and help you sleep. You can also buy pillow mists (usually lavender) that help you drift off and I find sleeping with a few extra pillows helps as colds always get worse at night time due to hormonal changes. So there's my way of fighting off a cold but one of the most important things to do is drink plenty of water to help flush it through!

Have you got any other cold remedies?

Neeks x 

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