Thursday, 18 July 2013

Covent Garden


So I know this was aages ago (December) and I know there are 'Christmassy' elements to this entry BUT everyone likes a bit of Covent Garden and my blog was dormant in December. So, here are a few cheeky snaps from my trip with some of my fav girlie's! 

I felt very at home walking into Benefit, it's very comfortable and wasn't much different to being in Southampton, the only difference is that it is an entire store! Not just a counter.
The Chanel store was very clean, classy and high end. They didn't have much in the actual store, but everything was presented beautifully.
Everybody loves a bit of Mac, it was quite late when we went (about 9pm) but it was still buzzing with professional make-up artists and off-street make-up lovers! Although it's not very big, they managed to stock a good range of products with testers. 

Time to stop for a spot of lunch, Bryon's restaurant is a really unique and edgy place to eat, not to mention that they do THE BEST burgers ever.. I mean it, I would travel to Covent Garden JUST for this burger because it is that good! 
The Ray-Ban shop was one of my favorite shops to look around in covent garden, just because it was so quirky and out there. I wasn't actually allowed to take photo's of the shop inside but....

...I did manage to get a snap of some of the frames ;)
The Charle's Fox store was the main reason we actually went to London, as we were booked in for a workshop. When we were there we were lucky enough to meet Gary Cockerill! (Katie Price's make-up artist) but I will save all this info for another time! 
Penhaligon's is a really cute, old fashioned Perfumery and in it's original design from the 1870's. The traditional bottles are really elegant but you're looking at about £100 for a small bottle so this is really for people with £££.. Apparently (according to the lady I spoke to in there) it's where the Queen buys her perfume.

Covent Garden, London is a major attraction and known for it's history, markets, designer shops and culture, definitely worth a trip!

Neeks x 

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