Saturday, 22 June 2013

Where Have I Been?


So you've probably just stumbled across this page & are thinking, 'yet another blogger who never finished what she started' well I suppose, to an extent, you are right.. BUT I have been very busy with my education & work/ life experience. I've had a lot of my friends bringing up the embarrassing, 'You haven't blogged since November!' topic so I have decided to start writing & actually follow it through this time!
As you can see my blog isn't the most exciting or unique in its presentation but hopefully, with time, I will be able to spruce it up a bit.. so I guess I will just start off with a little bit about me. 
I'm Neeks, I live in the South of England & have recently qualified as a hair and make-up artist for theatrical and media hair & make-up. I'm not going to continue with the generic, 'I believe that the face is a blank canvas that can be re-shaped and turned into art work bla bla bla' speech, but if you do choose to keep reading my blog you will find out more about my experiences in the make-up world, retail & professional products and little DIY's I like to do to pass the time :) 

#Just so everyone knows Ed's Diner is amazing & this hot dog is crayzeee good 

Neeks x

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