Friday, 2 November 2012

My hair...

I just think everyone should learn now that I am obsessed with hair, short hair, thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, straight hair, unusual hair, pink hair, multi-coloured hair but especially LONG hair. This is my hair at the moment, it looks quite thick in this photo but in actual fact it isn't at all (it is just the way I have styled it) however it is quite long & that is because I look after it.. I am hoping to grow it another 3 inches so fingers crossed in 6 months I would have reached my goal length. The trick is to.. 
  • Not wash your hair every day (if you are prone to greasy-ness use dry shampoo!- Batiste dry shampoo is my fav & usually on offer in Savers)
  • When you do wash your hair, use a shampoo & conditioner for your hair type. If you don't know your hair type then your hair dresser will be able to tell you & point you in the right direction of which products to use!.
  • Use argon oils, leave in conditioners, hair masks etc. on the ends of your hair to help nourish. (Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is amazing! So is Inecto Pure Coconut Oil- both of these are available in Boots & Superdrug)
  • Avoid hot tools e.g. hair curlers, straighteners, rollers.. I prob only use these once or twice a week but that is because I have fine hair prone to breakage, other people can use straighteners every day & they never have a hint of damage. 
  • Use heat protectant- Tresseme is light weight, does the job, smells good & is only a fiver :) 
  • LOVE YOUR HAIR don't brush it too hard or this will cause breakage :'( 
  • Drink pleanty of water, eat healthy & make sure you are getting the right nutrients & vitimins such as Iron, Vitimin B12, B5, C.. you can also take hair & skin supplements but if you are eating correctly you shouldn't need these :)  

Happy Hair Growing!

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